saltwater temperature changes

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rich Schager, Dec 28, 2008.

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    From the Olympian newspaper

    Interesting to note that the saltwater temperature is now 47 degrees. A couple 2-3 weeks ago when this cold snap started, it was 52 degrees. I wonder if the fish care or not?

    Today's Marine Forecast
    Sunday, Dec 28
    Mostly cloudy with occasional showers.
    Surf Temperature: 47 F.
    Tanning Index (1-10): 1.
    High 42 F, 5 C. Low 36 F, 2 C.
    Winds: S at 7-14 knots.
    Wave Heights: 2-3 Ft.

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    Personally I'm very disappointed at the tanning index sitting at 1. My lillywhiteass needs some UV rays. I've worn out the batteries on my little UV pen light that I'm supposed to use for my UV Knotsense at least three times and I only have three new freckles to show for it.
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    Saltwater temperature change in Puget Sound don't amount to much. There are certain areas of extensive shallows, a couple that come to mind are Skagit Bay and Port Susan, where temperatures can vary considerably on a seasonal basis, warming in the summer and briefly cooling during winter cold spells but a difference of 5 degrees (52 to 47) would matter not at all to the fish. Except for shallow areas (as mentioned above) and immediately adjacent to beaches Puget Sound waters can be expected to remain in the low to mid-fifties year-round.