Saltwater Tippet Connection/Knots

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Greg, Aug 23, 2001.

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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Aug-24-01 AT 02:49 PM (PST)[/font][p]Was reading the thread on Better Way to Tie A Nail Knot and thought I'd toss this out for comment/discussion:

    My saltwater tippets are all tied with a 30-turn Bimini Twist. They are looped onto a Kreh Loop that I tie to the terminal end of the leader's taper. Since the weakest part of the entire leader will be in the tippet connection, I want to use the strongest possible terminal connection, especially when using 6lb fluorocarbon class tippets. Fly is tied on using using a Becker knot.

    What works for you?
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    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Aug-25-01 AT 08:03 PM (PST)[/font][p]Hmmmm, no saltwater flyfishers out there?
    For anyone who may be interested, here's how you tie a Bimini:
    I think I'll retire to the reading room for awhile.
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    Well, seeing as how blood knots and the trilene knot work so well on salmon in the fresh, I will continue to use them in the salt. I don't see learning a new knot especially as odd as the binimi twist for somthing that I don't use anyway: a looped tippet.

    The Becker knot though looks interesting, especially for #18 Adams but I don't use those in the salt.

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    Thanks for your comments. I hope you didn’t think I was suggesting anyone needed to change their existing setup. On the contrary, my intent was to simply initiate a discussion on leaders & tippets for the salt.

    I grew up in New England and spent many years chasing gamefish along the Eastern shores from Massachusetts to Florida. I use the setup I described (i.e. Bimini) because that’s what was used in the salt out there and what was taught to me. I ultimately learned it allowed me to maintain a consistent leader length with the flexibility to easily change tippet as required. In other words, I’m never shortening my leader when attaching a new tippet by cutting it back.

    Over the years, I learned the Bimini provided a 100% connection whereas a Triple Surgeon’s Knot was somewhere just over 90%. I discovered the Blood Knot, for lines of the same size, tested at about 95-100% of its knot strength but different line sizes with a Blood Knot tested less. Since I use 6lb IGFA class tippets and take full advantage of the tippet’s potential, to me, this connection is extremely important.

    Sounds as if your leader approach to river fishing for Salmon works equally well for you in the salt.

    Best of luck to you throughout the upcoming runs - should be a banner year.