Same Shit, Different Day

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Ed Call, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Okay, yes I'm a bit miffed. My fishing windows of opportunity have been early mornings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With grad school homework always looming I have to get to the water, flog it fiercely and get home early so the misses can disconnect from tending the girls and plug into her homework. Only four weeks to go until she is done, but by that time the damage to my fragile psyche will be done too.

    Again this morning out with great looking water, fog, overcast, light drizzle. This is going to be a great day to bring in some fish. That is what Big_E and I thought, or at least I was moderately able to convince him that would be our fate.

    Very fishy looking area, beautiful and really not crowded, maybe one or two others on the whole stretch of beach. A rare fish jump here or there, but really not much sign of life. I got into one bullhead, yippie kai yeah! As my time to stop fishing alarm was sounding and I was telling Big_E that I need to head back to the house we saw a fish, then another, another, more swirls, a gentle rip formed and there was some activity brewing there. I'm biting off my damn fly to keep myself on schedule and we are both out of our waders ready to call it a day. I told Big_E that he owed it to himself to hit that area hard for one more hour. The tides were falling and this looked very promising. I reminded him that for three days last weekend I left the beaches early only to hear or read about guys I was chatting with or fishing with catching fish. (Remember dryflylarry's post to get my goat?)

    I fully expect Big_E to chime in sometime later this morning to say that he broke his PNW salmon cherry on his super light Orvis Helios switch (I cast that sucker today...sweet sickness for sure) and bonked his first salmon for dinner. I'm jealous he could stay, but I'm hopeful that my departure will bring much luck to him and tight lines.

    For me, if he hooks up, it will be the same shit, different day. I've never put in as many days, granted they are not tide focused or long, and been so unsuccessful. I've not had a decent salmon meal all damn season, and my diet needs some good omega fatty acids.
  2. Please accept my deepest heart-sympathies:D
  3. Albertson's has a decent fish market, or did have.................just sayin'.
  4. The indians are selling kings for 2.50 per pound on the side of the road.
  5. Sorry dude - I have been there - It sucks

    How about this for pressure. Tomorrow, I am headed out to Port Angeles to visit My wife, kids, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and brither-in-law (they have all been out there all week on vacation, while I stayed home slaving away a the ol' desk job). So they say - "Hey - how about if you fish on your way out here and bring some fresh salmon for dinner saturday night - wouldn't that be fun !"

    So now I have to catch fish for 7 people for dinner ?!?! - Given the way Karma works, I think this pretty much guarantees that I wont be catching anything saturday morning.

    So, ...... why don't you join me at PNP tomorrow AM, and stand right next to me. I won't be cathcing anything and you can catch all the fish that swim past my flies. It's guaranteed to work ;-) ha, ha, ha....
  6. Funny funny guy! I have not purchased any salmon in the past 8 or 10 years since I've started fishing for them myself. I normally can catch some for dinner and release others. I'm not one of those 30+ fish guys (although I've done some killer chummin in that category).

    D3, your a funny guy too. Not sure if I think it is a good idea to fiscally support any gill netting practicers. Maybe I'm uneducated about it all, but I'm not buying it.

    Ron, you must not have read my post. You have to invite me to fish, but wait for me to leave then the bite will be ON! I'll be out tomorrow if I'm not hung over from drinking my skunky woes away. Not sure where I'll be though. Wherever I go it will be the place to be as soon as I leave.
  7. missed OUT!!!

    I limited out...3 pinks and 1 coho.

  8. I see your point.

    I was just hoping that my bad Karma could override yours and get a fish on your line. :)
  9. Big_E is either bullshitting us all bigtime or he's keeping his hands stinky to prove it to me tomorrow. Maybe he'll be cooking me up some fresh salmon on the grill?

    If he is not bullshitting, that is exactly what I said would happen.
  10. Nada? That is one bad data point in my Mumbles leaves and everyone catches fish. You see where I'm going with that thought?
  11. PNP at daybreak, the beach and parking lot was already full...Tossed my fly in as someone else moved in next to I got out of there. Drove to Beach 3 fished the outgoing tide with 2 other FF with no results other than a few small (6"-16")cohos. I did see a couple jumpers 1 hour prior to tide change, 50 yds out.
    Ron: Good luck at was a full beach that early and not even a weekend.
  12. its always darkest before the dawn. maybe you should go out and pound a bluegill pond? it will help you de-stress and be a reminder of what fishing just for fun is like. salmonids can make the most patient of people loose their calm when everyone else is catching them.
  13. Brother I feel your pain...but you are still up on me in the fact that at least you have beaches with fish close to you...For me to come down there is a 2-3 hour drive..which I will do in the fall/winter as it's a pleasure to fish beaches with only an occasional fly guy to chat with...

    Up here, there is allot of coho's jumping but that spot is only really fishable with the fly on an outgoing tide..which seems like never on days I can sneak off for a couple hours...Other beach I've heard guys have caught fish but never when I've been down there..not even the odd gear guy...seen one fish jump at that beach..

    North Van. yup lots of fish...salt license is $106 for the year which on top of my 60 yearly license, 55 yearly salmon and 55 yearly steelhead tags is just not worth it for more combat fishing at it's finest....My bud who lives in North van. is up at 330am on weekdays, gets to the parking area an hour before first light and has 20 guys ahead of him standing on the shoreline...this is for staging pinks with the odd ho and king thrown in...I just can't make myself get up at 2 am for this...

    The only time I have had coho's attack my fly...the damn hook had broken off on my backcast against the barnacles of the beach...bawling:

    And if all that wasn't bad enough...they announced today that my little summer run river is closed for the year because of low numbers and water levels...bawling:bawling: been tying up summer run and dry fly patterns all week and it's for not...

    So, your not the only one sitting in a puddle of pooh!!! hope that makes you feel better!!! Misery does love company!!!!
  14. ...on his super light Orvis Helios switch (I cast that sucker today...sweet sickness for sure)...

    Yeah, I hear you on that. I got to cast it for awhile, and man do I regret even touching it. Both my rods feel like knotty old alder branches now. Ignorance certainly was bliss.
  15. I thought it would be a great day on the water today, too. Gray skies, light wind, drizzle mid-ebb tide. Hit my favorite beach. Three strikes from small fish, hooked one small SRC by accident. I bent over to unhook him and he jumped into my striping basket. Took a quick picture, and off he went. No bait, no seals, no birds, no fish movement anywhere. Weird.

    I feel your pain... Well, not any more. Finished grad school years ago, retired now, no kids, wife wants me out of the house. Nothing to do but go fishing or shoot skeet.

    Actually, I haven't got a hint of your pain. SAT.

    Actually, it was worth the trip, though. I heard a loon calling off in the distance. I haven't heard that sound since the late 1960's. Really neat.
  16. You and I were on the same boat today Ed.

    Did my routine drop off my wife at work and headed to Picnic around 6:30.
    Same weather.
    Same tide conditions.
    No fish jumping after an hour of fishing. So I walked back to the car and drove over to Mukilteo to check out the scene there. People dotting the shoreline tossing their buzz bombs. I ask some of them how thier morning was and if they had any success.
    Nothing so far.

    So I decide to head south along the shoreline and do some searching alone.
    Plenty of boats hundred of yards out, but no sign of any bending rods.
    Spotted a small cutthroat or coho (?) off shore making a couple of jumps but was unable to entice it to take the fly.
    Still no rolling or jumping humps.

    Then the boss calls around 9:30 and needs my help so I turn around and head back to the car.
    By the time I get back to where the others were tossing the lead I find out that 3 were brought to the beach.
    Good for them! Nada for me.....

    So Ed, I feel your pain.

    But don't give up yet! They're still out there. :thumb:
  17. I'll be back out in the morning, at least for a few hours before the ideal outgoing flow, but it will be when I'm free to fish.
  18. Such complaining doesn't fit you Mumbles. There are sad stories everywhere. Here's one to add. My neighbor (80) was going to go out on his doctors boat this morning for some humpy hunting. I just walked by his place and there he was in the driveway. "What happened Bob", I said. "His damm boat broke down", replied Bob. "I thought he had a fancy boat" I retorted. "He does, but the engines weren't working properly" ,fired back my grouchy old neighbor. Ah BOAT, break out another thousand, I thought.

    I continued on my morning walk grateful that all I had to worry about this morning was leaky wadders.


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