Sammamish Slough Report 15th-16th

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Swandazi, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Swandazi Kevin

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    Fished the Sammamish slough the 15th and 16th

    Fished from 5pm to 10pm. Fished a stretch around woodinville and managed to catch 6 cutts between 3"-8" on dry flys (mainly a pheasant tail emerger). Later in the evening there was a decent sized midge hatch. There were also a few mayflys and caddis flying about but the fish seemed to ignore my flys for the most part during this time.

    Fished from 12pm to 5pm on a stretch around woodinville. I managed a few cutts between 3"-6" on drys early in the afternoon on a faster moving cooler part of the slough. I also tied on a brown and black streamer and tossed into some of the deeper parts of the slough. I had one bite from something on my first cast but after a quick fight the fish got off the hook. a few casts later i caught a 16" pikeminnow that put up a decent fight.

    Has any one ever drifted the slough? There always seems to be rising fish in inaccesible parts of the slough.
  2. Greg Price Love da little fishies

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    I was wondering the same thing.

    I saw plenty of rises a couple of summers ago on a bend in the river near Bothell.

    Is there any put in/take out places to launch a drift boat or canoe on slough?
  3. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    There is a launch in Bothell and there is a take out at the Mouth. There is a trail along side of it for quite a ways. So I guess that you could launch just about anyplace you can find room to park.

    The Slough used to flow faster but they took all the twists and turns out of it so it so it's almost like a long lake now.

  4. jasmillo Member

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    I have seen folks floating and fishing the slough. Usually earlier in the year. There are some bigger cutts in the slough when the Pike Minnows are spawning. I have caught some over 15 inches. Someone with more knowledge than I said they were probably following the Pike Minnows out of one of the Lakes during the spawning period.

    I was on the trail down near Redmond this weekend and saw a bunch rising- but they all looked fairly small.

    By any chance did you check the water temps? They might be getting iffy this time of year on that stream.
  5. Swandazi Kevin

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    I didnt get any temps but the next time i go i will.
  6. knothead Banned or Parked

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    Was fishing on the slough yesterday. Saw some fish slurpping on the surface. Started casting to them. Caught a couple of really nice, 14-16" NPM,s. Thinking of renaming them Sammamish Slough Brown Trout.
  7. seanengman Trout have no politics

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    Don't do that. Brown trout deserve far greater respect than to have a squaw named after them. How would you like it if a fly rod stealing junkie was renamed after you. :thumb:
  8. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    Reminds me of a time on a little spring creek when I spotted a nice big sipping fish next to some brush against the near bank. I had to go way around to avoid spooking, cross the crick and work all the way back down to it... all to wade out and work up the cast that would present to what I was hoping was a nice brown. I made the cast. And landed an 18" squaw.
  9. knothead Banned or Parked

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    KnotheadFlyRodStealingJunkie, hmm, to long.
  10. CoastalCutt Member

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    It happens, I once watched what I though was a very large mulie bed down after seeing the glare of a horn in the sun, I made about a mile circle upwind, took the boots off after I got within about a hundred yards, got to fifty, drew the bow, whistled, he stood, and I then looked at about an eight inch spike!
  11. Mathew Ugly, but happy.

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    The name "Northern Pike Minnow" suggests something sinister. They fight well at least? Should I c/r? Slaughter and dump in the bushes in front of soccer moms?
  12. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Just my .02
    I say kill the NPM
  13. Fishful Thinking Member

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    There are several places along the river in Redmond which have good accessability, including behind the City Hall. You could take out several miles down at that park in Woodinville. It would be about a 4 mile float. Redmond just spent $millions in stream rehabilitation, including some good structure, curves, and even an island. Check 'em out! Just watch for all the goose poop.
  14. Josh Brower AKA Salmon, Trout, Steelheader

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    bonk em and toss em. no limit or min size, kill em!
  15. Swandazi Kevin

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    Fished the slough again on a stretch near woodinville tryed drys early but with no luck. Then i switched to streamers and caught 7 NPM between 12"-16" on a large wooleybugger.

    I also got the temp of the slough this time. It was between 67-69 deg