San Juan Flies

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Warren Perry, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Warren Perry Grizzly 6

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    Since moving to New Mexico, I have had to learn to tie smaller flies...

    Here are a few of my attempts at patterns I will use on my next trip to the San Juan. Size 22 Klinkhammer special, Size 24 Para Adams and a few midge patterns for nymphing.

  2. Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

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    Unbelievable. And, great work, Warren.

    I'm curious - is there much difference in the time required to tie the same fly in a smaller version (say, size 24 compared to size 12) or is it about the same?
    I'm guessing it's about the same.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad the sea-run cutts up here aren't that selective!
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  4. Sourdoughs -Marc Chapman, icthyoantagonist

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    Good looking ties! Curiously, you plan to fish with 7x tippet or even smaller? I've found on these size 24 or smaller, 7x seems appropriate, and 6x or 5x seems bulky.
  5. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    I used tofish it all the time when i lived there. a couple of recommendations if you don't mind. a red or orange annelid worm pattern is killer in about a size 14 slightly curved hook, a k.f. flasher is killer and so are the disco midges. also, as far as midges go size 18's are quite big with 22 and 24's being the norm. we used to stay at abe's all the time, but the better fly shop is float 'n' fish, abe's has awesome food though. i also found that grren was the most productive color for me especially in the upper sections of the quality waters (cable hole, upper flats, etc.) and grey and red were the better producers below texas hole, especially in lunker alley and baetis bend. i am looking forward to fishing that river again. i'm only 6 hours away so i'm sure i'll be there soon
  6. Warren Perry Grizzly 6

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    To all,

    Thanks for the comments and tips. I have been to the San Juan once. I went with a co-worker who is experienced on the river. I was able to land 10fish. Most were in the 14-16 inch range. One was a bona fide 4 pounder on a 24 black midge pattern.

    The best part was when we hit the Texas hole at sunset with olive leeches. The takes were as violent as any I have experienced.

    I can't wait to get back up there.

    tying time on the flies is about the same as on larger flies. Sometimes the hackle on the small parachutes can be a little challenging. As with anything, the more I tie, the more efficient I get.


    I fish these with 6x flourocarbon. Threading the hook can be a bit tricky in the cold... the day we went it was only 23 degrees.

    Tight Lines
  7. Davy Active Member

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    nice work Warren
  8. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    Very nice ties. Looks like VEE's fly box. Your starting to tempt me with the invite to fish.

  9. motroutbum New Member

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    I guide on the Juan. Those flies will all catch fish and look good. a piece of advice though, make your tails on the foamwing rs-2 shorter. fish will ignore them. use hackle fibers and youll do alot better. I used to use moose for the tail and the fish wouldnt hit. they dont look natural
  10. Warren Perry Grizzly 6

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    thanks for the tip, i'll definately give it a try

  11. dominic7471 Member

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    wow, good ties... i might have to plan a trip to the san juan river some day!:beer2:
  12. flytyerboy95 Future fly fishing guide

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    crazy little flys nice job. san juan looks fun wached a show on it.