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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Jack Devlin, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Been playing around with some sand lance ideas and fishing them for cutthroat. All have performed well. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
    Jack View attachment 17094
  2. Jack, nice work buddy. I really like the top 3. I think the peacock herl imparts more action and improves performance.

    I observing schools of sand lance in the water, they take on a golden cast at times. I usually carry a selection that includes some gold, copper and root beer colored forms as well. I am excited to start tying soon and plan on building a strong Coho selection of ProTubes that will include many sand lance in various sizes and clousers. I also tie a flat wing sand lance that works well.

    Thanks for sharing your great work buddy. I hope to see you on a beach soon.

  3. Thanks for your comments Steve.
    Like I said, I've been playing around with some sand lance patterns. Other than seeing some small (one to two inches) sand lance I really don't have an idea what they look like in Puget Sound. The small ones I saw had a bluish, almost transparent look to them. I am familiar with sand lance (sand eels) back east having been an ardent striper fisherman. We used fairly large flies ( 2/0, 3/0) and I either fished them with a fly rod or as a teaser on a dropper in front of a large plug like a Redfin. The standard color of the sand eel was olive green and white with some flash.
    I do like to tie flatwings and am in the process now. Will take into consideratin your input on the colors. I'm thinking a khaki color might do??

  4. Jack,
    Watching this may help you with how sandlance move. This has been posted before.

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  5. Stonefish. Thanks for the video. I especially like the unplanned still shots.
    Here's one pattern inspired by the video. I think it View attachment 17141 might do the job.
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  6. The new one is money. If you get a chance I would love to see your materials list as this version will be joining my arsenal.
  7. Jack, thanks for the detailed description. I think Steve is right, it's got the look! I'll be tying some up as well.
  8. Of course, different length and color Clousers will do the job nicely :):). But that wouldn't be much fun.
  9. Jack, thanks for the details buddy. I am up to my ears with training a new puppy but hope to hit the vise soon. This pattern will be at the top of my tying list.
  10. Jack,
    I like it, especially the top color. You should score big with that pattern.
  11. Sweet pattern Jack. Looks awesome and it has a perfect profile!
  12. Nice patterns!
  13. Thanks for the inspiration Jack, great sandlance, here's a 5 feather flatwing sandlance I'm hoping to try tomorrow morning.

    Sandlance flatwing.jpg
  14. Steve, I like those flatwings. They will definitely do the job. Bet they look good in the water and will have lots of movement. Nice.
    I'm going to work on a similar pattern over the next few days.
    Here is one I just tied. It is a pattern I used back east for Stripers. I think it is from an Orvis pattern back in the 70's.
    When I fished bait for Stripers a long, long time ago , I would often buy a "rigged" eel. These were frozen eels 8-12 inches long and came with hooks and a lead lip. Deadly at night on Bass. When I changed over to fly fishing for Stripers I started to tie this pattern. Its length was limited to the length of hackles we could find. This one is 4 inches long. Thought it might be fun to try. Definitely fun to tie. Of course, I'll have to clip a hook.
    View attachment 17229
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  15. That is a crazy looking fly Jack, very cool! I know what you're talking about with the rigged eels, wish I had tried frozen instead of battling live ones! Is the rear hook attached with mono like a standard stinger?
  16. Yes, mono on this one like standard stinger. In the case of the ones I tied for Stripers, I used wire and 34007 3/0 and 1/0 hooks. Possiblity of 50lb + bass (my biggest only 35lb) and always possibility of Bluefish.
  17. Found a good photo of a Sand Lance. trickster_se_1.jpg
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  18. Sandlance flatwing... Cutthroat approved. 3 Searuns and a Resident Silver proved this fly today. This one went just over 16" and fought like hell. Great way to finish a tough July. Thanks for getting me thinking about Sandlance Jack!

    July Cutt.jpg

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