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  1. Sounds like a piss poor park to me>>> If I can't bring my lab, I'll go elsewhere ... What happened to the good ole days??
  2. Alex I'll try to get out to see you since this is 'now my area of ? still have to get a ride but It shouldn't be too hard. Fred are you going to attend also? would like to meet you. of course others too. That Park's a great place to be and it's been since before the claves that I've been there.
  3. Nice park and they strive to keep it that way...which is very hard to do so close to the city...unless you have strict rule inforcement such as:
    1. Curfew - controls the parties and noise
    2. Locked gate - controls access after in or out...So don't get there late.
    3. NO ALCOHOL ... reasons are obvious...but still is a let down I'm willing to contend with.
    4. NO Pets...for a lot of reasons, one of the biggest is for the consideration to the wildlife in the camp...the have deer every where.

    There are other rules too, but these are the biggies to consider before you try to get in and are denied access because it's after sundown. Anyway, beautiful park and a nice place to take the family and relax. Never been to the Clave, but may try to be there this year as I'm only about 20 miles away.

  4. "Locked gate - controls access after in or out...So don't get there late."

    Oh SOOOOO true. Mark B (usually) has an emergency key, but the gate gets closed/locked at dark. Trust me on this one, it's one hell of a long walk from the front gate to the camping area. My cell phone saved my bacon a few years back!

    "Fred are you going to attend also? would like to meet you. of course others too. That Park's a great place to be and it's been since before the claves that I've been there." Not sure yet, my 'problem' is having two very large .... old ... dogs. The idea of putting them in a kennel for several days has little appeal.
  5. Understood Fred, I'll hope to see you anyway, if not there then some where else before long.
  6. I haven't been the last couple years. I think I can fit it in this year. Oxbow Park is a nice place. The reason for not allowing dogs is readily apparent for all the deer wandering through the camp sites. The no alcohol regulation is selectively enforced, at least during the Clave. Adults enjoying adult beverages without being rowdy and disturbing others haven't had any issues with the Ranger. Walking around with open containers probably isn't smart, but beer in plastic glasses and sippin' whisky around the evening campfire is a non-issue.

    Sandy is the biggest and the best.

  7. I attended last year for the first time. Impressive event. I learned a ton, met some really good people, and ate like a king. Cant wait to test out some more rods! See ya there!
  8. SG brings up a very very good point (points actually).

    Consumption or no, it is very rare to actually see a 'open container' in public view. They'll be in the tent, trailer, nap-sack, what ever. The guys/gals having a group tibble is obvious, but kept well out of sight of the non-tending General Public. Not to do so just puts the Park Ranger in an interesting position .. and the 'greater we' don't want that to happen.

  9. was wondering about friday... it looks like it is geared toward the girls. Is it just for the girls or can us boys stand in the river and oogly at April!!! Thinking of takin the day off from work and going friday and Saturday. Maybe bring my 7 yr old daughter. maybe :)
  10. The answer is 'yes.'

  11. Bob, just look for me sitting on the sidelines, bitching and trying to get the hand to work!
  12. Since there are deer, there is also the occasional cougar. We had one in the campground the early part of the week a couple years ago.
  13. Whooooa! Not heard that before, but given the areas Topo ... that wouldn't surprise me a bit.
  14. so friday is ladies day so no men can go then???
  15. Yes you can ... just sit quietly and enjoy the 'view(s).'
  16. Why can't men be more like normal people? Gals have a tough enough time being taken seriously on the river without troll-like comments that turn a simple women's fishing event into a Beevis & Butthead sideshow.

    Just sayin'...

  17. Rivertrance,

    That's likely because men aren't normal people, or more accurately, what you perceive as the obnoxious behavior of men, is normal for men. It's that Mars : Venus thing. Having casting demonstrations specifically for women is in everyone's best interest, IMO.

  18. I don't want to oogle I want to learn.... but if men are not allowed then I will work and try to make it out the on Saturday. Just looks like a good set of subjects for beginners not just women..
  19. Agreed. Taking my 12yr old Daughter down there. Having women/girls demonstrate and teach is a HUGE help for her whole drive to spey cast/fish.

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