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  1. Haven't seen any information about this. Is anyone here planning to attend? It begins tomorrow and runs through Sunday.
  2. I say I'm going each year and something always comes up...I might go this time but looks like I will be solo .. haven't been and need to look up a hotel for a night.
    If I go will probably be sat. morning...
  3. I'll be there Saturday with some other members of Dead Hooker Patrol.
  4. Worth every minute if you're into/want to get into 'everything' Spey. Where else could you go for top end FREE instruction(s) and have $100K worth of rods, lines, etc., to play with? Bottom line is you could easily spend well BEYOND $1,000 for a top end rod, reel and line ... that you've never had a chance to even cast. Here you'll do all that, and you'll know what you drop the dime for is equipment is actually what you want.

    Your cost to attend? A $5.00 park enterence fee AND THEY EVEN GIVE YOU A FREE LUNCH AND DINNER!~
  5. I was there today. Good fun and lots of top-end equipment to try out. Also some great demonstrations on the river.
  6. Also attended today. Excellent program and lots of gear to fondle
  7. went today.. hi highlights in terms of equipment there that I cast or looked at with the exception of Scarcione reels. cast a Winston bx whatever 9' 8wt performed poorly ( wouldn't hold line in the air well) made it very difficult to cast the whole line.. ( tip is too light)

    cast a 13 foot 7 weight echo that was pretty nice...

    walked down the line wiggling Hardys, Sages, Greys and Loomis and Winstons.. they all felt the same light tips with stiff butts...

    on the bright side had some good conversations with some really nice people...
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  8. I camped Friday and Saturday nights with my family and had a great time at the Spey Clave. Mark, Patty, and the gang from the Fly Shop in Welches put on a first class event and attracted people from Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Calif, and of course you Wahingtonians along with us Oregonians. If you have not attended this clave you need to put it on your calendar for next year.
  9. has anyone attended every single one???
  10. All but two.
  11. I was there all three days. It was pretty nice to be able to pick up any rod and walk out on the grass and cast until your arm fell off if you wanted to. The food was pretty good for such a large gathering and the reps from the various companies were outgoing and helpful. The fly tying was also pretty good as were the various sessions given throughout the day. It was well worth the trip.
  12. Was there with Steve all three days and it was great learning experience. Getting personal help from some of the greatest instructors was a hoot. Lets see what did they say. Oh yes now I remember. GO PRACTICE. Now all I have to do is wait for my Gary Anderson Rod to arrive.
  13. Have several ACR's, you'll love the new toy. What did you order up Mike?
  14. So all the rods had light tips eh? Yeah, must have been the rods. Definitely not anything you're doing ;)
  15. I ordered a 6wt 11 ft Switch Rod.
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  16. Jesse I was merely pointing out that most of the rods were very similar and that I find it disappointing that there is so little innovation going on in rod design ( most everyone doing the same thing) ... there is some just not as much as I'd like to see. I did not handle any Misers or Anderson's...

    If i had to fish rods other than Burkheimers I'd probably choose echo's even if i had the money to spend on the high end... well maybe a scott or a TnT but it's been ages since i felt a new offering from either of them...

    and no.. it was not anything that I was doing.
  17. Too bad you didn't give the Meis or Gary's rods a go. They're two of the very best rod designers in the World. The other is, as you noted, the Burkie line up.

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