SATri Tip Spey lines, WF8 and WF9

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Denny, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Denny

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    SA Tri Tip Spey lines, WF8 and WF9

    I have 2 new in the box Scientific Angler Tri-Tip (three tips) lines. The three tips are 15' each, with the package having a floating, clear intermediate, and Type IV tips. They are 120' lines.

    The two lines I have are a WF8 and a WF9.

    Here's what the back of the box says:

    "Our multi-situation tri tip fly line system features a reliable loop-to-loop connection from tip to AST floating line for minimal hinging and smooth casting. Tri TIp also has a small diameter running line and an extra-long belly specially designed for the unique demands of spey-casting."

    Just in case you're wondering why I have two brand lines in unopened boxes, I got the cart ahead of the horse, and bought these two lines anticipating I was going to get in to spey rods; the "getting into" never happened, and with a 21 month old daughter and a house to remodel taking up my time, it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

    These lines retail for $125, if I recall correctly; you can have these for $80 each. If they are to be shipped to you (in the continental US), add another $5.


    Seattle, WA
  2. Flyn'dutchman

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    Anybody have an opinion of how the 8wt would work on a 13' 7/8wt StCroix?
  3. Denny

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    An 8 line is what you want to get. Generally, for many fishermen, for those rods that have double line designations (such as your rod), you want to go the heavier line weight when using a weight forward line.
  4. willieboat

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    I have this same rod. I find that although it does okay with the RIO Windcutter, 7/8 spey line, the rod is very fast and will not fully load when using the floating tip. Depending on this SA 8/9 line being heavier than the RIO 7/8 line it should work well for you. On thing to consider however, is different line makers use different specs when they call a line a certain weight.

  5. Denny

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    The 'loading' issue with the floating tip is why an 8 line for this 7/8 rod would probably work better than an 8 line . . .

    If you think you would use the floating tip most of the time, you may possibly consider the 9 line. But, if you can get much line out, the 9 line will probably overload the rod for you. Particularly if you use the sinktips and wet flies . . . :thumb:
  6. Denny

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    Dropped to $70 each, shipping included to Continental US. Heck, if I don't sell them at this crazy price, I'll just keep 'em or give 'em away as Christmas presents . . . :thumb:
  7. Denny

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    TTT :thumb:
  8. Ringlee

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    I have that rod with a 678 Windcutter with a 15 foot sinktip added on the end. The rod is fast and just the floating section dosent cast worth a damn. Go with a heavier line for sure!