Saturday fishing

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by troutpounder, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Does anyone want to meet up and hit a beach or two on saturday? I come equiped with beer!!
  2. I'd be down. I'm currently staying in the Everett area for work. Don't know much about the beaches on this side of the water, but I'm always down for an adventure.
  3. I was talking to Ben at PFF last week and he said going south is better. If you want we can go a little further south . I can do a little more research on beaches. I am thinking from tacoma to seattle.
  4. North or South, I'm down either way. I have to be back in this area for work by 6pm, that's my only requirement. Have a rental car and gas money, so I'm down for anything.
  5. Ya ill do some more research and call PFF and see what they recommend! Ill let you know later this week
  6. I live across the street from pcf if anyone is down for steel Sunday lettuce me know
  7. I'll hit a beach Saturday if I don't fish a river
  8. Shit I talked to some guys and they said we are better off chasing steelhead. If you want I have a drift boat we can fish the sky saturday morning. Let me know
  9. Why did they say that?

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