Saturday Spey Clinic on the Snoqualmie

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by speycast, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Well, I ventured out there again and cast the Meiser 5/6 and 5/6/7 spey rods. I am torn between both of them!! They are both great casting rods and feel so right in my hands! Though the 4 piece is more my speed and not fast like the 3! Either way I enjoy casting them. I look forward to catching some SRC's on them. That should be some serious fun! yeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!

    speycast :9
  2. There were also lots of new guys there and as well as some teens that were getting into spey casting. One gear guy walked by and put down his spinning outfit and picked up a fly rod, tears strolled from my eyes in joy!

    The river was way up and dirty on the Tolt flow. Hope to see some new faces there in the future.

  3. I'm thinking about bringing, gasp, a woman!
  4. I have been out there a few times and there was a gasp lady out there tossing a line. She was doing quite well I might add.

  5. >Well, I ventured out there again and cast the Meiser
    >5/6 and 5/6/7 spey rods. I am torn between both of
    >them!! They are both great casting rods and feel so
    >right in my hands! Though the 4 piece is more my speed
    >and not fast like the 3! Either way I enjoy casting
    >them. I look forward to catching some SRC's on them.
    >That should be some serious fun! yeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!
    >speycast :9

    Hey Speycast, what lines did Aaron have on those Meisers? And do you think those rods would be too much for the Yakima?
  6. Well, I know for sure the last line I tried was the RIO 6/7 midspey on the 3 piece 5/6/7 and it made all the difference in the world for me. Another line, not sure who makes it, but has a 44 foot head that was quite difficult for me cast. The line is blue and Aaron will know for sure which one that is. As for the other line I cast, I forgot as soon as I put the RIO midspey on! LOL Nice pictures dude

    The Meisers should be more than adequate and more than enough especially if you get the 5/6/7, either way, you will be just fine with them, IMHO. What will you be targeting on the Yakima?

    I am planning on using mine for SRC's here at the Purdy Spit and am torn between both 5/6 and the 5/6/7. I was out there last year fishing for SRC's and nailed a 36" @ 15-18 lb king on a 6 weight, so the 5/6/7 is looking better because it is a little beefier????? Not sure yet. :thumb

  7. Hopefully my girlfriend and I can go in a couple of weeks. Looks fun.
  8. maybe we could set something up for the girls to do. My girlfriend wants to head out there too, and maybe if we had some basic single-hand casting lessons for them, or some other fun activityu, it might be more interesting than having them sit in the car for 2 or 3 hours.
  9. Why do they have to have something else to do? I taught my friend Laura to spey cast on the docks at Green Lake. They are really flat and close to the water, so she could stand on the end of the dock and set the anchor without getting wet. She picked it, even though I forgot I had a sinking tip on the line, in about 20 minutes. Then we switched to single-handed rods. It was getting dark, so I asked her to move to the left of the dock so I could get a few spey casts in. Next thing I know, I look over and she's casting left handed! Spey, right and left handed single casts, all in about 30 minutes. Scary.

    The biggest single problem I see is finding womens' waders for my friend to borrow for the event.
  10. your girlfriends might want to learn to cast, but mine just wants to hang out by the river on a Saturday. She has no interest in learning to cast a spey rod. Although I am pplanning on tricking her into learning, cause everyone knows that once you cast a spey rod, then you are "hooked" But To her, for now, they are unneccessary and incredibly expensive. I figure I can get her casting a single hander and eventually work up to the big rods.
    Just my sudafed-induced ramblings...
  11. Hey if they want to learn the single handed cast just ask him and he will show them how it's done. All it takes is for you to ask.

  12. Aaron will show you either, but there is also an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly guy there, John I'm-so-sorry-I-forgot-your-last-name-and-I-gave-your-card-way who is a certified single-handed insturctor that works with the shop. You could always hook up with one of the new switch rods they had last time I was there.

    Although I do agree that in such a male-dominated event, some women might feel better/be more inclined to come if we had an unofficial "I'll bring mine if you bring yours day".
  13. Well, I always bring my wife. She either goes to Starbucks and has breakfast or she walks the dogs or like this last time read a book in the truck. She has no interest yet in single or double hand rods. As we are in our last trimester of pregnancy she has mobility issues to say the least! LOL Either way it works out that when she comes with me to the classes I have to hang with her the rest of the day doing girly things! So, it is a fair tradeoff. :)
  14. How would I get in on this clinic? Can anyone go? Is there a cost? Last question I promise...where do you guys/gals meet?

    Thanks for any info!
  15. Ok guys,
    For you that want to cast single handed rods or for your better half to learn just e-mail me your desires.

    As for the who and were questions.
    Every one is invited and the Clave of course are free.

    The Speyclave is held at the mouth of the Tolt River in Carnation Washington.

    We do this every Saturday unless I post a change both on my site and this board.

  16. Don't forget the time. 0900 to 1100 or longer. Just a little more info.


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