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  1. Spent yesterday hunting public land in Eastern Wa. for upland birds with my Dad, brother and dog. The cloud cover was low and the morning hours brought a slight drizzle with a very slight breeze from the SW. Jumped a bunch of quail early and blasted one that fell only about 30 feet from us in some trees. Dog and I quickly ran up to find it and a coyote darted out from under the tree with bird in mouth. Tough luck. The coyotes are adapting. Would have shot the coyote had my dog not been nearly on top of it. Although, from the quick look I got at the suspected thief coyote, it almost looked more like a fox. The rest of the day was action packed with ducks, pheasants, and quail. Brought a nice mixed bag home. The dog gained a lot of good experience flushing birds and working his nose. No photos from the outing, too busy blasting birds and trying to keep dry. Life is good.

    Oh, and I found a broken old rod in the sage brush, so this thread qualifies for a 'cast and blast' outing.
  2. You just never know what might happen on a hunt. It's always a treat when the unusual pops up. Glad to hear the day was filled with little treasures...
  3. Sounds like a great time, indeed. Your story bears testimony to the fact that it "ain't all about hunting."

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