Sauk Pinks?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nailknot, Sep 18, 2001.

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    I have a question about Pinks on the Sauk... I checked the regs and it looks as though the Sauk is open for all Salmon since Sept 1st. What is the Pink run like in the Suak? Anyone fished it recently? Thanks and best.
  2. Don't know about the Sauk, but there's an unbelievable amount in the Stilly. :jj
  3. I have a co-worker that lives on the Salk and he said it was pretty much un-fishable as of last weekend (muddy chocolate brown). They are however probably fish in there but you'd have to bump them on the nose to catch them. I agree about the Stilly or the Skagit too. Why do you want to catch pinks now though, when the silvers are in? Well maybe its just me, good luck what ever you try. Jim
  4. The Regs. When you read them you have to see between the lines. Salmon are not game fish. The Sauk is closed to fishing for Salmon. All it says about the Sauk is game fish and if you look up game fish on page 13 "Pinks" are not mentioned. Jim. S.:)
  5. Thanks Jim, my bad. Is the Sauk closed for Salmon year round? I've only fished for Steehead there, never specifically salmon, but always assumed it was open.
  6. I've never fished for them or have I heard anybody fish for them. I like the upper reaches of the Sauk,N/fork and Sloan creek. Lots of trout up there. Not to big,but lots of fun. They tell you to leave the Salmon alone and not to disturb them on their spawning beds. Jim S.:9
  7. forward for Jim (WishinIWasFishin)


    The Stilly is open for pink salmon per the WDFW link:

    At least from the fork at Arlington to the mouth. You can fly fish in other parts of the river but not specifically for salmon, if fact they have imposed a special reg for no weighted fly’s in the north fork. Also posted on the WDFW web site. If you are ever in doubt you can always call the hotline they have setup. I have contacted them many times and always found them very helpful. These folks are on our side believe it or not! Jim

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