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  1. James Mello and I fished the Sauk on Superbowl Sunday. We used the Watermasters from the Gear program and boy are they nice. Met up with Caskadekiller at 6am at the boat launch. He took our truck down to the takeout. The morning was cool and there was rain off and on all day, in other words prime fishing weather. It took me exactly three casts to tie into my first fish. I pulled in a nice dolly on the swing with a four inch monstrocity that I tie up and James named "The Monkey." The name seems to reffer to the feeling of casting a huge monkey through the air when it is attached to the end of your line. After landing the dolly and a quick snap of a pic I was off and fishing again. A couple casts later I hooked and lost another dolly. Then I landed one a few casts after that. I had four hook-ups with two fish to hand in the first run of the day. Poor James better ask him. :rofl:

    After working the first run we jumped in the watermasters and headed off around the bend. After fishing that run with no success we were off to the next stop in the as we called it "John goes to Dollywood" day. As we were moving along James spotted some prime holding water. It was a downed tree that was pointing just about straight down stream with the rootball still stuck into the bank. The water just slid around the rootball and dug a deep slot behind it. We jumped out and I drifted the "monkey" through the slot. On the third cast, bamb, dolly numero trace. :cool: It was now John three James...well let him tell you. bawling:

    James and I fished the rest of the day without any more activity on the fish front but we did have a blast. The river is very silted up from this winters floods and most of the prime holding water is too silty to hold fish. This is evidence in the pics when you see James standing waist deep in prime water. He is actually standing at the edge of the silt and casting into the clear water. He actually waded clear across the river once while I was eating lunch and fished the far bank. After wading up to his chest all for nothing he came back and realised that we were in possession of two hydrophobic mobile homosapian propultion platforms. I told him he was stupid and I was going to retrieve his dead carcus around the next bend. We both laughed and were off again.

    As for the watermasters they are great. We loved them. They have their quirks but all in all they are just right for a day of drifting on the Sauk. Oh and did I mention that we saw a total of five other people all day. Pretty nice. :thumb:








  2. That looks like some nice swing water.
  3. VERY NICE REPORT JOHN, was the float pretty mellow?
  4. The float was very chill. We did the middle float and there wasn't anything that I felt sketched about. I would skip past beaver flats and hit the two runs bellow it though.
  5. Good times John and congrats on the fish! Looks like you hit it the day after I did. Fished it Saturday and stuck a big nate but no bulls… Next time save some fish for James :D
  6. Ahhh yess... I'll never forget that day :) It was fun, but boy did I have my ass handed to me. Everytime I got to a run that John went through, it was devoid of fish... I remember after he hit all those bulls thinking to myself, "There's at least one more in there".... Nada... zippo.... zilch... John was the Bull vaccuum that day, and left nary a morsel for me....
  7. Great report - you defintely had more fun than watching the Super Bowl, which was quite boring IMHO...

    I'm not very familiar with the Sauk, but I am planning to be in the area this summer. Do you mind if I ask where your put-in and take-out points were? Even just general towns or roads if you can't be specific.


  8. It's the middle float. Put in at the launch just past the Suiattle, then take out at Goverment bridge....
  9. toddro is just trying to make you feel better, guys. It was an awesome superbowl and you missed out on 6 turnovers in just the first half!
    But it looked like a sweet float.
  10. Thanks James, that's a beautiful area... I appreciate the info!



  11. I fish the Sauk a good deal, have for several years now, and after looking at your great photos, I gotta say that clarity is considered very good. Even in the long shots, boulders can easly be seen below surface.

    I personally feel, or should I say know from experience, that the Sauk fishes best with no more than 2 1/2 -3ft of visability at about 5ft of depth. Besides it concentrates fish to the softer inside edges.

    Wish I had been there with you guys.

  12. Papafsh,

    I was refering to the sand that was deposited on the bottom. There were several areas that you would be knee deep in sand. I don't know enough about steelhead but I was told that they don't like to hold in sandy bottom water. Something about it irritating their gills.

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