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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kristin, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. :confused:
  2. Lighten up there Francis. It's called humor. :thumb:
  3. I was just confused. I didn't get the context or how that fit into this thread until a carefully read all the posts.

    I thought maybe Chris Puma was completely losing it. Feel sorry for that guy, being in the minority up there on the hill must be tough ;)
  4. Funny/true story!
    Some friends and I were driving through Darrington on our way to a day hike. One of my friends said "I wonder what it's like to grow up out here?" Not 10 seconds later we see a kid (12yo?) walking down the side of the road in camo pants carrying a gun rack. The timing was perfect :rofl:

    This is not a social commentary! Your post just reminded me of this funny story.

    As for people who break into vehicles everywhere...Kharma is a BITCH!
  5. Wow, didn't know I started a shitstorm. All I would like to say is that it is unfortunate that people have been broken into and vandalized up there in Darrington. Sorry everybody has to take their own dumb ass opinion on a few words from what I say and turn it into a big political argument. Grow some nuts everyone and quit bitching.

    Thanks......Tight lines!
  6. I'm always amazed that when ever one these breakin stories is posted in come the suggestions to, drive an old beater, fish somewhere else, etc, etc. We all work hard to afford good dependable vehicles, and good gear, we should be able to fish with confidence anywhere we want. My guess is that this type of thing is given such a low priority by LE that not a whole lot is going to change until that low priority status changes. Whats hard to understand is that these things are happening during the day in broad daylight in pretty much area know for such activity. With this in mind why does'nt the local LE step up patrols in these areas or at the least bring some kind of pressure to bear. At night yeah they got more pressing issues and we arn't out there at night anyway. That total lack of concern by LE is intime going to cause people to feel so helpless that desperation is going to make some want to take matters into thier own hands. I just more could and should be done. Just my .02, I guess that feels a little better.
  7. If I had a dollar for every "should" phrase I have heard in my life. :p

    Yeah and nobody should starve, freeze, or have a terrible life too but that isn't going to change....EVER.

    There will always be the poor out there praying on those with "good dependable vehicles" that "work hard".

    I never understand why people are so surprised by this stuff; there are dirt poor folks all around, open your eyes to it!

    These people have little to lose.

    And they aren't ALL drug addicts either.

    I am not defending them the least bit, just saying they are there and aren't going anywhere any time soon.

    I personally believe in the scout motto "Be Prepared", which means in this case: even more than the sheriff's, it is your job to cover your own butt.

    Complaining is about as effective as blaiming it on the rain.
  8. I can tell you that in Redmond/Bellevue, my perception is that LE spends the bulk of their time giving out traffic tickets.:confused: My impression rightly or wrongly is that catching traffic violations is higher priority since it generates more revenue for the city/county.

    Of course when we had our car broken into during working hours, their response was "there's nothing we can do".:beathead:

  9. You may want to slow down and think before you post. Stop playing the victim and show some respect when you post. Your 'tough guy with an attitude' internet personality just isn't playing well... Don't mean to be blunt, but that's what it takes sometimes... (regarding not just this post, but others... including the comments in the gallery...)

  10. What are you trying to say? What about comments in the picture gallery? I say what I think, just as everybody else does, including YOU. There's no special personality for some internet site. If you want to say something TO ME.....PM me, you and a few others are getting off of the topic of someone getting their window bashed. If you have something to say about me personally, than I suggest doing it so privately.
  11. ChadK may rest his case.

    Coastal -
    On another thread you identified yourself as a high school student. You've been a member of this forum for a month or two. You may not yet realize that the typical member of this forum is an adult (probably an average age twice yours and with a standard deviation that would reach 3 to 4 times your age). Most present themselves that way when they write.

    You can learn a lot from folks on this board if you listen. And not just about fishin' We make everyone welcome to participate (well, just about everyone, right Chris?). We look forward to learning from you, too, but when I read your posts, knowing your age, I'm reminded of a line from a song by an old singer/songwriter from before your time named Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan): "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now."

    Oh, and by the way, I lived in Wyoming for many years and still have lots of friends back there. People will expect you to act like an adult there, too.

  12. Thank you Mr. Olmstead, I appreciate the friendly advice without the low blows. I have found your words to be kinder than most. While I do speak my mind, I admit I have said some things that have been generalized, and maybe some people have taken offense to that, sorry, I could conduct myself in a better manner if need be, but everything I say has just been my mind. I hate nothing more than to come acroos like a loud mouthed cocky teenager, which I realize I have a few times, because I hate nothing more than that stereotype in my peers. But at the same time I act a little more adult, I'd love to see some adults act that way too. I don't appreciate getting messages about how I "have much to learn about humanity" and how I'm "just plain ignorant." These don't help any cause, and just tick me off.
  13. I see you edited your first response. And I think you have a very valid point. :ray1:
  14. Hey, I'm not on here to make enemies, but some things set me off, I'm sure anyone who had that kind of stuff thrown at them would have defended themselves in a like manner.
  15. I did not mean for this to create so much controversy, I simply wanted to put out the info. Crime happens in all tax brackets!! It's just disappointing that this is something we have to consider when setting out to find the perfect fishing hole!
  16. Yeah, didn't intend for an apology to you to create this. Hope that's the last break in you have to deal with.
  17. What really sucks is that they're breaking into vehicles even when the owners haven't left any valuables. I read of one truck being broken into and all they took was a jack. My friend's truck was broken into on the Skagit last year. They broke the window, rummaged around, and took nothing.
    Eventually, they're going to get caught in the act by the wrong person. Maybe some of them have and we just don't hear about it. Tweakers live a nomadic lifestyle, so disappearing for awhile wouldn't be out of character. And it's not like their tweaker associates are going to contact the police.
  18. They took my hat! What is a tweeker going to do with a fly fishing hat? It makes me wonder if these were tweekers or other fisherman...They took one of Kristins reel condoms..What is a tweeker going to do with a reel condom? there not going to get any money for these items...I guess I am more pissed off to think a fellow angler would steel from me when im fishing.I would be more o.k. to think it was some tweeker down on his luck.Any ways of it was a angler that is some bad river Karma.

  19. This wins the award for the weirdest string of words I have ever read. :)
  20. I know a few holes on the river that could hold a body for some time. Just sayin'.

    This thread has some amazing insight into some of the (closed) minds that frequent the board.:rolleyes:

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