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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kristin, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hillbilly Redneck

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    That's why I punch my kids every time they lose a fish:)
  2. PT

    PT Physhicist

    You a Darrington native? What are your thoughts about a thread like this?

    I know what I think and putting down a bunch of people who live in the rural areas just seems pretty ignorant.

    What do you think?
  3. HauntedByWaters

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    I think we are talking about methheads right??????

    Not Darrington natives right?????

    I am pretty sure that is a major generalization.
  4. Abel1

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    When we leave our rigs we all know the risks. If we get back too them at the right time, yeeha! the fight is on! Fair is fair.
  5. jasmillo

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    boy oh boy...lotta d%ck wagging going on around here. Whole lotta :mad: folks.

    I do notice alot of you are very happy to spout off from your keyboards. No disrespect but my guess is that 90% of you would hide in the bushes until the methhead was done ravaging your vehicle and then you'd go home a beat your dog.

    Yes, Salmo G...this post is pointed directly in your direction :D
  6. psumike

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    Hi Kristin & Nathan,

    I was the guy in the VW that was parked across the road that (just) got my window etched at the same time and place. Sorry to have met you guys that way. It somewhat ruined my day on the Yak on Sunday because I only wanted to fish within 100 yards and in plain sight of my car.

    -- Mike D.
  7. Hillbilly Redneck

    Hillbilly Redneck wishin i was fishin

    I am not a Darrington native. I've only lived here about 12 years. My wife has lived here and taught at DHS since 1980. I doubt any Darrington folks give a rip about what anyone thinks of them (including me) especially from a fly fishing forum:) There are a lot of super hard working people around here that put in tons of time doing things for this community. Darrington is a pretty unique town. That being said it has it's share of mis-guided young people that are probably the one's responsible for the break in's. Or they could be mis-guided young people from Concrete:)
    I personally am more concerned when I hear of houses getting broken into. This summer a couple of my neighbors got burglarized by culprits riding a quad. Anyone remember Mincio Donciev? I'd like to see you confront him.

    I've talked to folks more than once who where up here fishing from Seattle or where ever and they've referred to the area as "God's Country". I tend to take it for granted. But when I stop and look around, it is.
  8. Andrew Lawrence

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    I’m the fly fisherman with the maroon Ford Crown Victoria that was parked behind your VW. As I was leaving, you flagged me down in order tell me about what had happened to your vehicle. Although my vehicle was parked behind yours, it was left untouched. As I was storing my gear, you mentioned that you had been fishing at a few other spots through out the course of the day. Anyhow, I was wondering if what happened to your vehicle could have happened at any of the other spots that you had been fishing at. Just curious!

    Nonetheless, I was sorry to hear about what happened to your vehicle, and I am sorry to learn about Kristen and Nathan’s vehicle being broken into. However, don’t let this episode deter you from fishing the Sauk River.


  9. psumike

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    I'm on the order of 98% sure that it happened there. I was very conscientious about break-ins all day b/c the first place I parked along the Skagit had fresh glass among the other two trucks that were parked there -- though neither had been broken into. That is, I check my car regularly and the damage was quite clear after driving 50 yards. Also, Kristin's vehicle had similar markings on one of its windows.

    I made a slightly longer post in the Stilly break-in thread regarding a truck that had pulled up behind my car on the Sauk about 400 yards upstream an hour before our cars were damaged. I appeared to surprise those guys and they didn't seem like they were about to go fishing. They might have been legit, but it struck me as weird.

    -- Mike D.
  10. cuponoodle breakfast

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    I do. A guy I used to work with was one of the trackers who helped catch him. The mountain man also broke into some of the homes in a friend's neighborhood.
    You might be onto something. It's not tweakers or tarheels breaking into cars, it's Bulgarians!
  11. FT

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    Regardless of who it is that is breaking into vehicles (or houses) and doing things like breaking vehicle windows, damaging dashboards, etc., the sob's have done wrong and need to be held accountable for what they did. It matters not if they were high, stoned, drunk, whatever, or severely addicted and not thinking clearly, they still need to be held acccountable. If this means that one or more of them get the crap kicked out of them if somebody happens upon them doing a breakin, so be it. Justice was served. I'd recommend that the sob who got caught also be taken into law enforcement by whoever caught him (after of course the turkey fell and busted his arm, etc.) and suffer the humiliation of arrest and prosecution as well.

    Do people change, yes, without question. However, this doesn't mean we should excuse criminal behavior and look the other way. Nor does it mean that we as society ought to be giving them free room and board while they continue using the substance they are addicted to.

    I suspect that somewhere along the line someone is going to end up putting a lot of hurt on a person they catch breaking into a vehicle or house. I also suspect, that somwhere along the line someone is going to end up putting a lot of hurt on "young people" who are out "having some fun" by breaking vehicle or house windows.

    The issue is not drugs or drug addiction, it is theft and damaging property of another person and both of these are not only morally wrong, they are criminal.
  12. papafsh

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    Finally someone makes a statement, about this stuff, that is true.

  13. jasmillo

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    I agree 100%. People need to be 100% accountable. They don't need to be killed. Being held acountable may lead actual addicts and others to stop the bullshit. May be the kick in the a$$ they need. Killing people stops those who get killed and nobody else. Killing one addict to stop another just doesn't work. Study after study has proven that..

    There is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed here.....
  14. HauntedByWaters

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    Actually, and this is strange, in the case of addicts, holding them accountable usually leads to worse drug abuse because they want to run from the punishments by getting higher. Furthermore, if you put an addict in confinement, and they sober up, it does nothing to help the psychological issues and they will most often relapse upon release.

    I think the irony for addicts is that the accountability with their lifestyle comes slower and later into their years than they realize. It is when you are 45 and feel 80 with absolutely nothing going for you that you begin to feel accountable. A drug counselor I know says that heavy drug abuse cuts a life in half (obviously soome sooner and some later), and that means people can get away with burning themselves out for 25 years before they start to see the drawbacks and by than they usually have real regrets and there is nothing they can do to get that time back.
  15. jasmillo

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    Yes, that makes sense as well. However, it could also end up being the kick in the arse they need. People react to punishment in different ways I suppose.
  16. Hillbilly Redneck

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    I hope that the "ass kickings" I administer to my kids as a parent will prevent my kids from any ass kickings from vigilante theft victims.
  17. FT

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    It sort of sounds like you don't think drug addicts ought to be held accountable with the same standards as non-addicts for the crimes they commit. I must disagree with this line of reasoning. It matters not whether a person is a drug addict, s/he needs to be held accountable for the crime to the same degree and in like fashion to those who are not addicts.

    Hillbilly Redneck,

    I suspect if you caught someone inside your house or your vehicle upon you returning to it, you wouldn't simply stand there and do nothing. Perhaps you might even provide said criminal with a little knock upside the head. This is not vigilante justice, it is the reality of what most people would upon catching someone breaking into our house or vehicle. As I have said, criminals need to be held accountable for the crime and I doubt if a criminal is going to hang around for the cops to show up just because we ask them to.

    I just saw something on the news a day or so ago about some guy walking in on someone robbing his place, this guy knocked the perp down and sat on him until the cops got there to arrest him. I suppose the perp didn't deserve getting knocked down or sat on because it was vigilante justice.
  18. Salmo_g

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    I thought I was finished with this thread, but you inspire another post. The purpose of holding one addict accountable (whether it's the reference ass kicking or killing) doesn't have the purpose of stopping another addict. The purpose is to administer "enough accountability" that they will never repeat the offense, either because they decide that crime does not pay, are physically disabled from the ass kicking, or dead. Perfect accountability all has the same result, preventing that perp from ever doing it again.

    And no, I didn't learn this by studying John Wayne. Call it applied logic where sympathy is not part of the equation.

  19. Hillbilly Redneck

    Hillbilly Redneck wishin i was fishin


    I’m sure circumstances would dictate what actions I took especially if my families safety was in question. I didn’t mean to come across as a “please don’t hurt the poor criminal douche bag drug addicts” pansy ass. I do think you have to use good judgment. My vigilante restraint was actually tested several years ago when a high school student burglarized our home during the day. My neighbor confronted him as he was making his third or forth haul out of the house. He didn’t detain him but we knew who he was. He had taken a mountain bike, CD’s, fishing rods/gear, and cleaned out the liquor cabinet. A police report was filed and they investigated but my stuff was gone. I was pissed. About a week later the kid’s mom calls us and says my mountain bike is stashed down behind the fire hall but I better hurry because her son is on his way down there. My wife and I beat feet down there, it’s only about 1000 yds. from our house. The kid is walking up the street, I’m ready to confront him and inflict bodily harm. My wife tells me no and to go get the bike. She ended up talking with him and I rode the bike home. It turned out that the mom had known what was going on but was afraid of her son. He had ripped off other houses and the police ended up recovering my stuff at his home. I remember getting a call asking if I wanted to drop charges because my stuff was recovered. I said “hell no”. I heard he did some time in juvie. I guess justice was served and I’m sure glad I didn’t do something stupid I would have regretted.
  20. jasmillo

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    Salmo G,
    That's all fine and dandy but your "applied logic" is missing quite a bit of logic. First off, you know what meth does to the body, right? Nothing and nobody is going to "administer an ass-beating" worse then the effects of the meth itself. Go ahead, kick their asses, if they are true addicts and not just some kids out for kicks, they'll come back still bloody and break into your car again if it was worth it to them. The addiction IS that strong in soem people.

    So, maybe they end up "dead" as you say in your post. Well, then most likely you end up a$$ raped in the state pen. You want examples, just ask and I'll give'em. One that immediately comes to mind took place in MT when I was in school. A methhead was breaking into some guys car (on that guys property nonetheless) and he was shot and killed. The kid got spooked when confronted, tried to run and got shot in the back of the head. The burgalary victim in this case went to jail because it wasn't self defense. Another example just happened in TX recently. Some guy was on the phone with 911 reporting that his neighbors house was being broken into. After repeated warnings from the 911 operator not to do it, he went outside confronted the burglars and shot them. I believe he is still on trial...this is a recent case.

    Listen, I'm not advocating giving addicts hugs or handing out my fishing gear to them because their addicts and need a hit. By all means, you have every right to protect your gear and more importantly yourself and that included geting physical if need be. I'm just saying killing an addict if it is not in self defense will most likely land you in jail and beating up an addict will likely do no good and will proboably just end up getting you hep C or worse. I won't even get into any "moral" arguments over whether or not someones life is worth $500 damage to my vehicle, etc.

    If you did think logically, you would understand that there is a bigger problem here that won't be solved by administering an ass whooping or even killing the 1 or 2 or 5 addicts that break into your rig while fishing. All that is going to do is make you feel like more of a "man". Or leave you with years of regret while sitting on a very soft pillow in a jail cell or waiting for a liver transplant in a hospital room....