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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kristin, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Hillbilly Redneck,

    Glad to see you didn't let that kid get off and held him accountable for his actions, but if you would have found him in your home or leaving it with some of your stuff, a whooping may have happened and would have been justified, which is what I've been saying.


    Just because someone is an addict, meth or otherwise, doesn't mean he should not be held accountable for his actions. If it means he goes to the joint and gets poked up the butt, it has nothing to do with someone pressing charges and having the perp prosecuted and held accountable, which might include time in the big house. It also matters not whether the perp was high or not when he committed the crime, he knew it was wrong, yet still committed the act and needs to be held accountable, period. And that is all Salmo G is talking about.

    Society cannot afford to look the other way when an addict commits a crime against someone's property or person. To do so invites chaos and anarchy, and that is not something you wish to be surrounded with. Criminals must be held accountable and punished for their crimes, whether they are addicts or not. I mean, we hold insane people who have committed crimes in prisons for the criminally insane and don't look the other way do we? Same should be the case for drug addicts who commit crimes.

    And if someone happens upon an addict breaking into their vehicle and puts a bit of hurt on them, holds them until law enforcement arrives, and presses charges, justice will have been done. So what if an addict will return later after being released from the local jail or after serving time in the bit house and possibly steal again, upon being caught, he needs to be held accountable and punished once more. And if that means he gets poked up the butt when in the big house, too bad because it isn't the innocent victim's fault.
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    I think you missed the point of the post. Go back and re-read, I never once said addicts shouldn't be held accountable or go to jail and get "poked in the butt". In all actuallity I think anyone, addict or not, should be "poked in the butt" if they are caught stealing and end up in jail. Ok, I actually am not advocating addicts getting raped in prison but as they say....if you do the crime you gotta do the time (which in some cases involves being shacked up with bubba).

    What I was saying is that if you kill an addict breaking into your vehicle and it is not in self defense, then you will end up in prison getting daily prostate exams. Case after case has shown that and I referenced two in my previous post (small Update- I think a grand jury in still considering charges in the TX case. The guys name was Joe Horn)

    The other point of my post is that you should think twice about getting into too many physical altercations with intravenous drug users. you might end up with hep C or HIV on top of stolen fishing gear.

    In sum, I have never once said addicts should not be held accountable. In fact, I have posted over and over again (way too many times IMO) in this thread that they should. The point of all my posts are that you need to think twice about how you go about it.....
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    Since people are so cooly throwing around the idea of killing someone who is breaking into their car to steal a few hundred dollars worth of gear, and justifying said killing based on the supposition that this thief may actually pose a danger to one's life--I was wondering:

    Does anyone have any statistics about how often these theives are found (when they're caught) to be in possession of a firearm or other lethal weapon. I would look for it myself, but I'm fairly terrible at finding stuff like that online, and it seems like there are people around who can do a much better job of it.
    I agree that someone should get their ass beat for doing this kind of stuff--but just up and killing someone? Sounds, not surprisingly, a little preemptive (if you'll excuse my use of the word). There are a lot of things people should be killed for--like actually threatening your life, for instance--but robbery is not one of them. I mean, come on--the punishment should fit the crime at least a little bit.

    Anyway, mainly I'm curious about those statistics, if anyone knows how to find something like that.

    Best of luck in avoiding these problems, and happy fishing. I wish I was in Washington right now.

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    Here one for you; tweaker breaks into fisherman's truck, fisherman catches him and blows his ass away, fisherman gets arrested and convicted of manslaughter, gets 10 to 20 and is out in 8 for good behavior.

    What part of who’s punishment doesn’t fit the crime?
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    Sounds like the fisherman got what he deserved. Theft is not a death penalty offense.
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    The thing that blows my mind is that people are willing to be the person that kills someone over broken glass. That means getting up every morning and knowing that you are different than everyone else because you actually looked another person in the eyes and took their life. How would you ever look at the world as being the same again? How would you ever look at people the same way again? Frankly, there are just a few instances in which I would be willing to end a life, and they are basically those spelled out by the law. If you advocate actually murdering another person for a break-in, you really need to think about how killing someone could change your life. It's not even about whether or not you go to prison, it's how you view situations and interactions with people, and obviously the value you place on human life. Sure, I day dream about giving the guy a hard toe kick straight into the lower ribs, but I'm NOT about to find out what it means to kill another over a theft. In fact, I'm thankful that I don't spend my day with those kinds of thougts and images on my mind. Keep your cool!!! It is WAY more precious than your belongings, your auto glass, AND your ego.
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    Killing someone is only good for 8 years?

    Here's a true story.

    Guy breaks up with wife. Wife starts running around with someone that could be described as a gang member. Guy is at home, wife, boy friend and boy friend's father show up unexpected. Guy shoots boy friend and boy friend's father in the head thinking they are there to do him harm. Father dies. Boy friend is suffering from traumatic brain injury for rest of his life. Neither boy friend nor father armed. Both were on the outside of guy's house. Guy acquitted. Jury called it self defense.

    This just happened in Skagit County. Whose punishment fit the crime?

    Wonder what a Skagit County jury would think about tweaker blown away while attacking fisherman when caught breaking into fisherman's truck?