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  1. On one of the other threads someone asked if I had any more pictures to post up. Here is one I took of the Sauk. I don't like it that much but it is the best out of the series I took. What makes it interesting to me is the fact that I was standing in the middle of a fairly heavy snow storm and what I had to do to get the shots was hold the camera under my coat until the snow subsided a bit then mount it on the tripod click off a shot or two then hold my coat over the camera until the next let up of the snow. I finally gave up after about 10 shots. Also I see that I have a spec of dust on my sensor or my lens in the upper left corner I didn't see before. Anyway here it is
  2. Nice work!
  3. Heavens sake Kerry S. there is at least two specs in that photo, upper left and about 1 1/2 inches due south of that one on the inside bend of the river in the distance. Is that what we have come to for critiquing such impressive photography? I'm floored at the story of what you had to do to get that shot and how it turned out. Clearly this is a great photo of a great place. Post more of your crappy ones, I for one really like looking at them when I'm in my cubicle.
  4. Yeah, well I think they are specs of moisture or snow. Couldn't find anything on a white card shot. Thanks for the compliments.

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