Scadden Assault vs. BSI Watermaster?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Kent Lufkin, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Sterling, I'd say they track quite similar to a pontoon boat, fin kick very well and catch no more wind on the side than any other inflatable craft. I really like it on stillwater. The Kodiak might have been a better stand and cast stillwater craft because of it being on the water all around, but I cast from a seated position. On small lakes when no great wind is expected I'll still use one of my float tubes. On larger lakes, I'll bring the Assault, no reservations at all.
  2. I went to the Sportsman Show and purchased the XXX, I am excited to give it a spin. THe difference between the XX and the XXX is the tube diameter is 15" on the XX and 18" on the XXX. Also XX is 10' vs 12' on the XXX. I am not totally sold on the Oar mounts but I will give them a try befor adding a small rowers frame. I did go with the upgraded Carbon Fiber Oars
  3. Dave has both the XX and the XXX at the show with great pricing. They are a big step up from the Assault, and I love the Assault. One thing on both of these that I noticed is that the balance for carrying them to the river or lake is spot on. Very nice products. Congrats on the purchase, Scarboo.
  4. Me too. You step in the middle and lift. I love that! Even with the bags on and the front seat it balanced out to make carrying easy.
  5. This is the case for WM's as well. Very handy when the parking lot is some distance from the boat launch.
  6. One thing I have noticed about the Kodiak is if you try to carry the boat with any anything on the cargo deck it wants to tip. I correct and it oscillates. With that hard seat deck it can be painful on the upper shin. I often wear knee pads over my waders for kneeling to get low on the bank when Curtis Creekin' so maybe throw some some cheap shin guards in my cargo milk crate :) .
  7. Sounds like a nice boat. Look forward to hearing more about it after you get it wet
  8. Now the old man wants to sell HIS X5 for one.
  9. Well, I bit on the Assault. As they say, the check is in the mail. Should be a fun ride.
  10. WHAT, you bought into the HYPE! LOL what color you get?
  11. I think there's only one color, blue. I think you'd like it. :) I guess you could call it
    dealer's choice.
  12. I did not know that. I assumed they also came in green like the XX. BLUE is good...he, he, he. That is what my reny is. Sure wish he still made yellow :-(
  13. Wow - I think that XX could be my next boat. That looks like the perfect size for a guy who typically fishes solo - but would like the option to take someone along.

    Of course - this just looks like an entry gate drug into a $6k full on raft. I'd be really interested to hear how the XX owners like the rowing? The oars don't give me a lot of confidence without a frame - especially loaded up with another person?

    Wow - just saw that he's making the claim that it's classV capable? With those oars? I would love to believe it!
  14. I had a Watermaster Kodiak. I floated the Deschutes with a friend this summer, and sold it and got the Scadden XX. I wouldn't look back. Surely, it's not the $6K full-on raft, but those who are not guiding or fishing 300 days out of the year, XX is as good as it gets. It tracks much better and maneuvers much better especially in the moving water. Kodiak may serve better for stillwater fishing where you have to stand on it, but XX is no slouch when it comes to stability. What I love is that it's as light as Kodiak, but can seat another person comfortably. It is also a much better suited for multiday trips than Kodiak. I know that there are bigger, more stable and durable rafts out there, but for portability and solo/double steelheading, I wouldn't trade the XX for anything else out there. It stores well in my small garage, and is ready to go anytime anywhere. :)
  15. Maybe not with the aluminum oars. Dave is really proud of the Sawyer and the ultra lights. Again, accessories. Wanna take a 4x4 off road, need meatier tires right? LOL.... Oh and it rows as well as any pontoon with the stock oars and even better with the carbon and ultra light.
    It still tracks like two pontoons because of the rockers. Try it, you will like it. :)
  16. If anyone has one and would let me take it down a run - drop me a PM. I'll buy the beer and bring the lunch. :)
  17. "I think there's only one color, blue." It also comes Greta boat, you'll love it.
  18. I see that now...Blue is good...
  19. I dont see what the advantages are with having a closed front as opposed to the open front design? Just more to catch in the wind and extra weight to accomplish the same thing?
  20. Balance. I "did" feel the same but not anymore. So much easier to pack and assault than the open front. Easier to stand on the Assault even though shorter. I have not notice wind effecting it any more than the open front, still the same foot print. Compared to the convensionl dual pontoon style I think there is a big difference between them and the U or the Assault. Dual Pontoons want to turn side ways, the Assult asnd open front do not. They stay in the direction they are pointed much easier, but this is just my experiences, yours may differ.

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