Scadden Assault Xx Vs Watermaster Kodiak

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by chrome/22, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. What do you like/dislike about em ??

  2. Well, they both float and I like that. Sorry, couldn't resist. This same subject was covered just a few months ago and before that, but here goes.

    They are both great boats. To fully compare, you should probably look at the Waterstrider also. It is like a Watermaster, except it has an inflated seat. I really like the inflated seat--you have an extra floatation device built in. For this, and a couple of other reasons, I prefer the Assault. The Assault also has rockered bow and stern which in my opinion makes for easier control in a float and more speed in still water when rowing. I have or have had an Assault and a Wilderness Access EXP which is like a Watermaster, but with the inflated seat, and compared the two directly. The other really nice thing about the Assault is the 2 saddlebags which hold way more stuff than you need and which are somewhat insulated (to act as a cooler) and have an integrated drink holder. Having said all this, you can't go wrong with any of these boats.
  3. The XX has two inflatable floors and two can use it comfortably. Never owned the other two so can't comment. But I bought the XX because of all Bill mentioned. The Rockers are way nice and so is that inflatable seat/floor.
  4. Oh, my bad. Didn't realize it was the XX. I was going with the standard Assault. The XX is it's big brother and that front deck is awesome. Lots more storage for gear, laying rods flat, etc. I'd go with the XXX, which can also be a 1 man or 2 man boat.
  5. If you can hook me up w/ a link to the older thread's I'd love to look them over...


  6. In light of the topic titles, I am just gonna throw out there, The Assault is 8+ feet, the XX is 10+ feet and the XXX is 12 feet Long. Width varies. The XX is the same width as the Renegade.
    One other plus to the Assault, other than shooting white water you only need Hippers. Things stay dry.
  7. I have a Watermaster Kodiak and am very pleased with it so I will post my review:

    Prior to purchasing it, I heard people complain about how hard the seat feels but after many long days out on the water, I have never felt uncomfortable. I could easily add a pad if I wanted the creature comforts of a Lazy-Boy but never had the need. The fact that the WM does not have an inflatable seat is a great design feature to this raft. I have drilled a rope "clutch" into the platform so I can easily reach down and release/retrieve my anchor when out on the water.

    I heard complaints about it being somewhat sluggish on the water due to it not being fully rockered but it rows very easily to me and if it takes me a few harder strokes to compensate for this then I will just have stronger arms. In the wind, I would rather have more "stick" on the surface so that I have to battle less to hold my position.

    The best aspect of the Watermaster and what I believe to be a sure advantage over other frameless inflatables is that with the raft bottom, I can convert my raft into a inflatable pram. I now have more luggage space and can stand and cast from a stable platform.

    Their service is top notch and I have always had any questions addressed very quickly over the phone and fast shipping.

    Setting up the raft is very fast and easy so I am out on the water quickly and can spend more time enjoying the day.

    My advice to you is to filter the information that you are given and determine what is factual and what is pure fiction. I know I won't push Class V rapids or even very many stretches of water that would even contain rapids so I don't need a boat that can withstand the Colorado. I just want a boat that gives me the most options and that is what I discovered with the WM over all other inflatables.
  8. +1.

    My Kodiak is a great boat. I just started using the raft bottom when the water temps in the lakes I fish are in the range that make it painful to soak my feet. As a side note, putting the raft bottom on and fishing in "pram mode" takes away any sluggishness in the handling of the boat. It scoots across the surface with almost no effort. I chose WM because of portability, easy storage, easy setup and breakdown, and great reliability (I've had three WM's over the past 11 years with no problems). I'm sure the scaddens are nice boats but Dave oversells his stuff so hard it puts me off . . .and i've never had reason to ditch my WM.
  9. Nice summary Obiwan.
    When you put the bottom in while in pram mode, how stable is the floor? Is it tight or somewhat mushy when standing on it?
  10. Stone - in my experience, standing on the raft bottom is similar to standing on a waterbed. Certainly doable but use your own best judgement on where and when.
  11. Thanks TP.....
    Obi, if you come over to fish coho this summer, bring your WM and we'll make a hard floor for it similar to what I have on my 8' raft.
  12. I could use a higher backed seat on my WM, and I don't like the way it pivots downstream when I stand up to fish, but other than that, I love it! The seat's an easy fix, and if I added their anchor, I wouldn't even need to stand up! Call it a self-imposed anti-lazy device!
  13. +1 I really like my Kodiak too. I haven't needed any more maneuverability yet. Although a little more slickness on the last couple of miles of the Williamson frog water after dark would have been nice.:)
    I do have the high-back seat and quite frankly I don't see much of an improvement in support over the WFF demo with the standard seat. The standard seat did come with a little bag on the back. My high-back did not. Rich outsources the high-back seat to Surf To Summit so I bought one of their buckle-on fishing bags for $35. It has rod holders for spinning rods that won't work with a fly rod but it's a great place to stow a net. I did incorporate a $16 Thermarest Trail Seat pad but I am a pansy with arthritis in my hips.

    Having the stern of the boat pivot downstream works for me by preventing my fly line from snagging stuff on the cargo deck when I stand up to fish. And I think all of the similar PWCs will do the same thing. I use a Water Strider "bolt action" rod holder that has a lower profile than the WM vertical holder. I need to do some filing on the WS holder so it will more readily accept a full wells grip, but I am going to mod the vertical WM holder so it has the same low profile as the WS. The Scotty rod holder is a TERRIBLE line snagger when standing up to fish.

    I got the WM anchor mount in a 20% off everything Expedition package deal and it works well after I did a couple of very minor mods to it. For the list cost it could use some small refinements. IMHO the anchor system is slightly safer than a Scadden using a Scotty lock on the stern because the jam cleat is next to me on the seat. If I need to cut the rope in an emergency I reach down, make the cut, and I'm free; simple. The rope probably will not tangle in the two pullies when already under tension.
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  14. Yep, that'll work!
  15. Bringing up an old thread, because my WM is on it's way!

    SF, I'd be interested in hearing how you put that hard floor together.
  16. Just took my first float in an AssaultXX and even though it's a larger boat, it sure rows a lot better than the watermaster. Not that the WM is really a chore to row, but I found the rockered hull to be a significant improvement.
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  17. I really do enjoy my WaterMaster Kodiak. A recent configuration is having three boat cushions stacked and tied-down on the deck to seat one of the grandkids for lake fishing. Unfortunately, they grow-up too fast... with their legs leading the charge!

    I do have the opinion the WM is a bit sluggish on moving water. Enough so, that I am perhaps overly mindful in preparing for obstructions; or take-outs in higher water. On the other hand, I think it is more stable and "sticky' when lake fishing in a breeze, and I can hold my position well.

    Because of both issues above, I am considering the AssaultXX; but I won't give up the WaterMaster. That way, there is potential for three generations to be on the water together! And... I can pick between two boats for a given solo situation. Can you tell I am trying to talk myself into it?
  18. I went through the WM/Assault debate, and flexibility/customization, quality of materials, and my aversion to the inflatable seat pointed me toward the WM. I got the boat bottom, and am in the process of making a hard floor for it. I test drove both, and thought the Assault XX was more responsive, the boat is so small that I didn't feel the need for the added responsiveness.

    My only real beef with the boat is that without the rocker, the stern rides really low and can take on water (see my surf pic below) if you're a sloppy rower like me. With the attachable bottom, I've taken on a bit of water. Need to get me a k-pump to double as a bailer I guess.

  19. Thats a nice shot!!

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