Scadden Assault Xx Vs Watermaster Kodiak

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  1. He/she who actually puts his/her toys to use wins
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  2. touché

  3. You know I just got my Assault XX. Noticed I had a stripped oar lock and called NFO. Explained my problem to Derek and recieved my replacement by UPS in 4 days .
    It came to Victoria BC Canada from Ogden Utah USA . I think that's great Service. Maybe we Canadians are just sooo polite as everyone says. It obviously works.LOL
  5. James is one of the most polite and honorable gentlemen I've met in my program. So to see him get this riled up means he feels dishonored. Having worked with him for over a year now and have the highest regards for this man and soldier. I would guaranty it's nothing he did (except not listening to my advice lol)

  6. There are and always will be two sides to every story though.
  7. There are for sure. But I know a man of honor. James for sure is one.
  8. And before you say otherwise even honorable men will get angry when they feel they are being wronged.
  9. wasn't going to say anything, Your the moderator
  10. What does being the moderator have to do with anything?
  11. Yes there are two parts to every story. I have the email traffic from the original deal till now showing the entire transaction. Mr Scadden has personally apologized to me when I met with him in person during the Puyallup WA Fishing Expo. He has admitted he was wrong!!!
  12. emails are wonderful aren't they. I am just saying, some have had no problem with NFO service and some have.
  13. i just creamed in panties, what size oars are those?
  14. Greetings All,

    I just got to spend 3 weeks working my way across the South Central US with a buddy who had an Assault XX. I used this thread in making my decision to get a Water Master Kodiak and figured others may benefit from my chance to use both boats on a variety of water. I first want to say they are both great boats and you can't go wrong with either one. I also noticed that the boats were different enough that I am considering buying the Assault because each is better under different conditions (and because I am a bit of a gear geek).

    First the Water Master. I thought this was generally the better still water boat. It is definitely the one I would take on the North Platte and the Green. It did fairly well on the Colorado river below Austin. The biggest advantages of the Water Master are stability and wind resistance. It is very easy to manage with fins and you can stop quickly and easily in a back eddy if you want to stop and fish a seam. I also liked the upgraded seat better that what was on the Assault. My back felt much better after a day of rowing the WM. The disadvantages I found for the WM are that it is noticeably slower especially on still or nearly still water. It is also a bit sluggish to turn and can catch currents in swirling rapids. It also is not a true 2 person boat. I would be fine floating with my nine year old on the back but I expect an adult would get uncomfortable if he were on it more than an hour or two.

    The Assault XX was a much better boat for rapids. I would feel comfortable taking it on the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, was much more fun on the White river during generation and I wouldn't feel overwhelmed on any river I have ever rafted. I loved the front seat on this and there were days when we only took the Assault and alternated rowing. No way we could do that with the Water Master. The Assault's rockering made it glide across the water and turn on a dime. If the WM was a pick up the Assault was a Ferrari. I would gladly take this boat on a white water trip because it is such a pleasure to row. The big disadvantage of the Assault comes from the very rockering that makes it so fun to ride. It often turns too much when trying to manage it with fins only and it sometimes is hard to keep facing where you want it when the wind picks up. The other big problem I noticed was in sustained winds the rockered design catches the wind. On the one day where we were bass fishing on a 58 acre lake in Texas with sustained 20-30 MPH winds the Assault took much more effort to row back against the wind.

    I hope this helps anyone trying to decide between these craft.

  15. Thanks for the comparisons, Steve. I appreciate hearing from those who have used multiple water craft and can give a good comparison.
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  16. Thank you for this awesome trview. When was the assault that you rowed purchased? Scadden upgraded the seats this past year on them to be much more comfortable as they are higher and more padded
  17. So you are saying the Watermaster is easier to row in 20-30 MPH wind?
  18. No he is saying the watermaster doesn't get blown around on the water as much as the Assault.
  19. " Assault took much more effort to row back against the wind"

    "No he is saying the watermaster doesn't get blown around on the water as much as the Assault"

    I miss understood .
  20. @ Golfman I have no idea. I would guess 2-3 years ago. It was my buddies boat and I didn't ask.
    @ Blue A little of both but Steezan is basically right. I was trying to say the wind changed how the assault handled a /lot/ more than it affected the WM. That day in Texas was the only day on the entire trip that the Watermaster beat the Assault back to the launch point. The wind was blowing hard about 30 degrees from straight into the boat if we had headed straight to the ramp. I was in the assault XX that day and I ended up turning straight into the wind and let it blow me to my right to course correct for the fact that the front of the boat was way to the left of the destination.

    I live in northern Colorado and fish the North Platte fairly frequently. I haven't had a chance to get my Watermaster up there but there is frequently a 20 MPH wind blowing almost straight up stream (coupled with slow downstream flow). In my Outcast PAC9000, there were days I couldn't float the river because the wind blew me upstream faster the water pulled me down. I don't think the Watermaster would have that problem. The Assault is low enough it probably wouldn't either but I found it tends to spin in high wind not tornado spin but needs a lot of course corrections especially in high wind on moving water which can be a pain while fishing.
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