Scadden Assault XX

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Thomas Williams, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. I have been looking into the purchase of this raft. I feel it has a great design for what I intend to use it for. I was hoping to get a few peoples opinions on it. It looks like a great boat but I had a hard time finding solid specs and details about the way its made as far as materials and seam construction. Also the oars and oar locks look inferior to what other boats have to offer. The price may be a bit high but still fairly reasonable if the specs are quality. If anyone has this raft or a similar raft of Scaddens to compare to that would be very helpful. Here is the link to the site and product.Thanks Everyone.
  2. I've got an Assault XXX -- slightly larger version of the XX. Had it out on lakes and the Yakima (including a very high flow day!) with my partner Donna and our yellow lab. Very stable, very maneuverable. I did upgrade the oars -- the standard proved a little too short for really digging in on the river. I bought some nice three-piece composite oars that are about a foot longer than the standard Scadden oars. Got them from Ed Call from the board here. (THANKS ED, they are PERFECT for this boat).

    So far boat seems very durable. Not a single complaint so far.
  3. I have the solo version. Light, nimble, easy to pack/unpack/row/and fin kick while keeping hands on the rod/line and not on the oars. I like the light weight materials and build quality of this and two other Scadden craft. There are a lot of nice boats out there, browse and pick the one that seems to suit your needs the best.

    Dan, glad those oars are just right for your boat. A bit much for mine, I was hoping they were just right for yours.
  4. I have a friend who has the XX and loves it. I'll try to get him to give you a holler.
  5. I own the Assault XX, I purchased it in March of 2012. I have had it out on the water 6 times. Construction is excellent and the material is strong no fears in taking it out on the water or down a river. The raft is very stable and handles like a dream. It is light on the water an very maneuverable with fins and oars. The oar locks are great and I like the ease of use, functionality and their ruggedness. I went with standard oars but feel that longer ones would be better. Defiantly get a striping apron for it, you are OK with out with floating line but intermediate and sinking lines needs a stripping apron. I have owned a float tube and pontoon boat and this blows both of them away. It tracks straight and true. Enjoy what ever you buy.
  6. Took my Assault xxx down the sol duc from the hatchery to whitcolm dimmel two weeks ago. I have a skid mount frame on mine with standard oarlocks. I have the 7.5' carbon fiber oars. It held up great. With a couple more minor tweaks I should have it dialed in. No complaints with the boat

  7. I bought the Assult XX lat year and love it. I have the box and seat for the front so I can take two people or use it solo as well. It paddles great as a solo boat. I can even put another seat on the back for my son and take the whole family. Very versatile. I did get the upgraded oars, and wouldn't be afraid to run some whitewater with it.

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