Scadden Cardiac Canyon Pontoon

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    This pontoon can be completely packed into a suitcase (included) for trip use - ideal for a trip to Alaska, Bahamas or wherever. I have taken it on several trips that required checking it as luggage. It would also be ideal for someone with an apartment and no storage space.

    It was a revolutionary pontoon for many years with 11' pontoons and 5.5' width and can handle the biggest whitewater you'll see on most trout rivers. The small 12" diameter pontoons provide superior tracking and zero wind resistance for the ulitmate small lake fishing craft. The width allows for extreme stability and includes a standing platform for sight fishing. It was maybe the first design to allow standing - although moving water would not be wise. You can get a break-down push-pole from Cataract to use as a flats boat for sight fishing to bonefish or cudas - check some of the older Scadden DVD's if you have one.

    Very Lightweight, includes a soft padded travel seat, 8-pc. portable travel frame, dual side pocket/cooler pockets with tippet dispensers, 3-piece Cataract oars, total weight-only 49 lbs., weight capactiy 450 lbs. Platform is drilled to accept a standard folding boat seat available at Cabela's or other marine stores. This boat SOLD NEW FOR OVER $1500 in 2002. Anchor included. I can provide more pictures if desired or you are not local to Boise to come see it. It is in very good condition - was probably used less than 10 times a year. I am cutting down my arsenal - I have 2 other Scadden pontoons so you can see I am a believer in the quality and design. I can ship it anywhere in the USA for the freight cost.

    Asking price is $675 or to the highest bidder. Will consider trade for a good fast action 15' or longer 8/9 Spey Rod (and Reel?)
    LOCATION = Boise, ID

    Here are some pic's:


    Rear Deck showing fold down travel seat and platform:


    Packed partially:

    Packed and ready to close (without anchor):
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    Noticed you'd consider a swap for a 'fast action 8/9 spey rod; any particular brand(s) in mind? (PM me or

    Fred Evans
  3. Cast2way

    Cast2way row-ho services for hire

    Sent you an EM. For a trade, used is fine something like these or similar:

    T&T DH1509-3 or DH1409-3
    Sage 8134-4, 9143-4 or 7136-4 Z-AXIS (but those are 2009 rods)
    Sage 9140-4 TCR
    Winston B2X91015
    Burkheimer CF8142-4 or CF9145-4
  4. Love that seat, any back problems? I sure like my Sky, albeit with a more ergonomic seat.
    Good boats, there's been a lot of +/- about customer service with Scadden boats, I've had a few minor issues, found out if you talk directly to Dave (his phone # is that listed on his site) he'll take care of business.
    Nice boats for the price, good warranty.
  5. Cast2way

    Cast2way row-ho services for hire

    That is the travel seat shown above - it fits into the case or folds flat so you can stand on the platform. For local use, you can also attach a standard boat seat like the Action folding seat shown below - available at Sportsmans Warehouse and other similar outlets:


    I have 3 Scaddens at the moment, a Freestyle frameless which is my pack-in / travel system and a brand new McKenzie Drifter that I got after selling my Hyde drift boat. I use the McKenzie by myself or with a partner + my dog. Be watching for a post on the McKenzie and the mod's I've made soon. I just don't need the cardiac canyon anymore so I'm selling it. The fact it is my 3rd, should speak for itself as to what I think of the products and the company behind it.

    I've never had a single problem with any of the Scadden boats and NFO has always been very helpful to me. When I bought the Cardiac Canyon in 2002, Dave was out of stock on the 3 piece Cataract breakdown oars that fit in the case so he GAVE me a set of aluminum oars to use in the meantime for FREE. Recently, with the McKenzie, NFO has been very responsive to my questions, accessory orders I placed after the fact and helping me get the documentation I needed for registration (since I added a motor to it also). I can't see how NFO's customer service could be considered anything but good.
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    Cast2way row-ho services for hire

    bumppity bump...
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    you have a PM
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