Scadden Navigator II

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by swc7916, May 16, 2007.

  1. How much is one of those bad boys????
  2. The list price is $1200 but they're currently running a "show special" (aren't they always?) at $799.
  3. For that money I'd get a Watermaster.
  4. For that money, I'd get a Super Fat Cat, waders, boots and a pair of Force Fins instead.

  5. I own a Scadden pontoon boat all I can say is, friends don’t let friends buy Scadden boats. Take Kent’s advice and then go out for a nice dinner with the money that is left over.

  6. Care to share the basis for this sound bite??

  7. :confused: Would you care to qualify the comment?
  8. I already have waders and boots and the Scadden equivalent to the Super Fat Cat is the H3; not the Navigator II. What looks attractive about the Navigator II design is that it is rowed like a pontoon boat but can be packed up like a float tube. I have limited stength and mobility in my right ankle (I was born with a club foot) and can't use fins to propel a boat - that's why I'm looking for something that I can row. Has anyone tried using a kayak paddle with a float tube?

    Would you please care to elaborate on this assertion? I agree that judging from his prices Dave Scadden is very proud of his boats. (He reminds me of George Herter, who invented everything and it was always the world's best.) But are there any quality or design issues with his boats?
  9. A fine mess I stirred up! It’s a long story so I will spare you the details; I had numerous problems with his pontoon boat. They try hard they do have good Idea's, in my opinion the quality and the engineering is not that great. If you look at the welds and such you will see what I am talking about, compare it to lets say an outcast. I think you pay allot of money for a good idea but are getting a cheap product. I can tell you they will work through a problem, it could cost you fishing time if it is the only boat you have.

  10. I agree with WT. You could talk to Chris and give one of the Watermasters a test drive through the WFF Demo Program.

    I tried one and was very impressed with the Watermaster's capabilities on the water. I couldn't believe how light and compact it was and how easy it was to inflate/deflate and for transport.

  11. I own a Scadden 9' pontoon, never had a problem with it. Although, I've barely used it ;-0

    I was also a retail buyer of scadden boats and they were rarely (if ever) returned for product defects/customer dissatisfaction.
  12. For what it's worth, I have a 10' Scadden pontoon boat (skykomish sunrise) and have had no problems at all. I agree Scadden boats are too pricey, but think they are solid and work. I don't have a ton of experience with other brands, so maybe I am not judging with the right bar in mind.

    The Navigator II looks interesting, but if you are going to carry it any distance at all I'd look for something lighter.
  13. 18 pounds is too heavy?
  14. I own an older(2002) expedition 9 footer from dave scadden and like it .
    It was buildt by outcast then and that may have changed.
    All the quality was above average when I was looking to buy.
    Possibly as with so many companies nowadays they were a 'victim' of their own sucess and outsourced the production to who knows where...reducing quality and value..

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