Scadden oar mount vs. seat orientatation

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Other Fisherguy, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. This is a pic of my Renegade:


    .... and a pic of my friend's Assault:


    See the difference in the oar mount position? Mine is about even with the front of my seat, the Assault's is quite a ways back, my friend feels he has to really "reach" to row, anyone else notice this?
  2. Yeah but its bladderless.
  3. I think your friend's boat is a production error. The mounting pads are more like your renegade on my assault. If it is too far for him to reach he should contact Scadden.
  4. Really Rob? I did Google search and the Assaults seemed the same as my friends, hmmm....?

    (... and I'm not sure what the spey guy is trying to say...?)
  5. I agree, the assault oar mounts are set really far forward. I noticed this on a buddies XX but just figured it's the way it was supposed to be. If you look at a watermaster, you'll see the perfect distance, IMHO.

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  6. I never noticed having to reach or my Assault oars. I do notice hitting the front of the side bags on full stroke, seems it would be worse if the oars were closer.

  7. Those mounts look way foawrd. Same withe very front d rings maybe uts the angle tho

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  8. Dave offered to send my friend a pair of oar-mounts for my friend to glue on where he ways.
    Gee, thanks Dave.
  9. Will is that a sarcastic or genuine "Gee Thanks Dave?"

    I think the boat should be sent in on their shipping dime and they can professionally install the oar mounts.

  10. Really? I got one of the new Predators and it looked like the corner of the oar holder was coming up a little. I asked Dave if "I" could glue it down, he told me NO send it back as they have a special glue for those.

    As far as the Assault. I had the older model without the splash guard. Oar holders are straight up from the handles

    My next Assault which is the newer one, the oar holders are set farther forward. I am 5'8" and absolutely love the new position.


    The side bags are bigger on the newer models and he placed the oars to clear the bag. As far as comparing it to the Renegade, the Renegade is a wider boat. Everything has got to clear the bags.
  11. I notice you have your seat attached back a littte too eh? No problem reaching the oars at all?
    (How many Scadden boats do you have?)

    He told us the new Assaults don't have the kayak style foot rests now either but I'm really not sure I believe anything he says...
    How do you like that style compared to the bar your Renegade has?

    He also told me he moved the oar mounts after getting feedback from Assault owners.
  12. First off let me say, I ASKED Dave about those kayak foot pegs. I wanted to buy some and mount them myself. He had put them on the older pontoon boats he made several years ago and I like them then so he thought it was worth a try on a few Assaults. It was just my idea and he humored me because I have bought a few boats. The bar is more secure.
    I get you have a problem with Dave. I just have not shared any of your complaints so, obviously I keep doing business with him. I have and have had 18 NFO boats including the Escalade and the Super Fat Cat.

    By 18 boats, I mean I have had 8 and my husband has had 10. We use each others.

    I do not have any trouble rowing on either Assault but I do clip the bag a little on the one without the splash guard.
  13. I think you get preferential treatment from Dave if you've bought 18 of his boats. ;)
    (you must be a very patient person Blue.)
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  14. OR....... he has never done anything to detour me away, but you go with what you believe. It works for you;)

    He keeps introducing incredible boats, I will keep buying.
  15. I would think they'd place the oar mounts where they work best. Placement of the bags is secondary to rowing position. Blue, do you have to reach for the oars or are they positioned for best rowing? Looks like quite the reach. Mistakes happen.
  16. Blue, does living within driving distance of North Fork Outdoors have anything to do with it? I'm sure if I could do everything face to face I'd probably get a bit better service too.
  17. I would too, and in my opinion they are. Several of these out there and no one (till now) has had any issues. Maybe his is a mistake, I am just saying it looks the same as mine. Looks can be deceiving.
    I tried the custom Lightspeeds I had made for my Renegade on my Assault and the ends were hitting in the middle. It is a more narrow boat. The Oar pivot is at my knees, perfect for me, and also the same place on the XX.
    Apparently not the same for the posters friend. Not saying it isn't a problem for him, just not for me.

  18. I don't do business face to face. I do it over the phone or in emails...Just Like You All. I have no special talents...really.
    I see the new boats at the sportsmans shows ...Just Like You All. But whatever.
    Many others here that own NFO without incident.

    I use to live within driving distance of Outcast. ....

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