Scadden Outlaw Assault

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by bitterroot, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. I'm just about to pull the trigger on one of these. Does anyone have a reason to talk me out of it?
  2. I just got one and absolutely love it. Make sure you order directly from Dave he gave me a screaming deal but I had to ask for it. Feel free to pm me if you want the details of my purchase.
  3. If you order from Dave, ask for all the current show specials, have him send you a copy of your order form (he forgets to write stuff down), and make him give you tracking numbers. I know from experience. Other then his business model/sense, his products are top notch. I love my Renegade and will definately purchase other toons from him in the future.
  4. Pull the trigger friend, pull the trigger. If you need to try before you buy, you should know where to find one...
  5. Boat ordered, paid for and shipped (hopefully!). I'm happy with the deal I got from Dave. Maiden voyage will be the Yakima on the weekend of the 23rd. I'll, no doubt, iron out some bugs and be ready for some more serious floats.
  6. Just got a call from home and the boat was delivered!!!:thumb:

    I'll be opening up a big ol' box of goodies as soon as I get home!
  7. Root,

    You're gonna love it. Very responsive.

  8. Box is open. Boat is inflated and assembled. So far, so good. Only a couple of minor issues right off the bat.
    1. Roller storage duffle is back ordered.
    2. I asked for the powerstroke carbon oars and got Aqua Bound Manta Ray fiberglass oars. I don't know a good oar from a bad one. Maybe someone can comment on the the Aqua Bound oars.

    Is having a pressure gauge important or do you start to get a feel for the correct inflation pressure?
    I'd like to add some extra d-ring patches. Where is a good supplier for those?

    First impression....I'm gonna love it!:thumb:
  9. Lonnie,

    I've got some extra d-rings if you want (though the color is different). Mumbles put on the 1.5" d-ring patch from NRS (you want the ones on a PVC patch) and they seem to work well. I'm still undecided on the pressure guage - Mumbles and I have 3 between the tw of us and I don't think any of them read the same. You can most likely get by with the feel test. Not sure about those oars - must be a new supplier because previously he had sawyer shafts (my flower power/hawaii 5-0 oars). Which seat did yours come with (flat foam or molded pads)?
  10. Rob,

    I got the molded, padded seat.

    The flower power oars are the ones I asked for. The ones I received look like the ones on his website that he calls Lightspeed Oars, but they are branded, Aqua Bound Manta Ray.
  11. Congrats! The D rings can wait. Get it all situated first. Pressure guage is nice, but like Rob said, not sure any of them are calibrated the same. Firm but not hard is what you are looking for, too soft and you'll sag and lose engery on the oar stroke. I don't think I was impressed with the Aqua Bound oars that I saw. I've not used them though. Freestone is my boat related gear guru...Freestone knows many things! You need to talk to Freestone. I have the Scadden metal "upgraded" river oars, aluminum. I prefer my cataract mini magnums because I'm just not sure I trust the aluminum ones (may just be something in my head). Rob's starburst oars are super cool and seem to work great for him.

    See you next weekend!
  12. I have the flower power/Jerry Garcia/Sawyer oars for my X5 and the Litespeed oars for my Renegade. Trust me, you got the better oars for the Assault. Very light and easy to row. I think you'll like them better.
  13. Demo float with oar swaps and lots of trials on Friday evening?
  14. Thanks, Mojo! You are now the third person to tell me that so I am now officially content with the lightspeed oars. I'm sure they'll be just fine for this rookie rower.:thumb:

    That sounds like a great idea, Mumbles...except for one minor thing. I may have a hard time rowing with a gin & tonic in my hand!!!!!:rofl:....but I'll certainly try!
  15. Congrats on a very cool raft. I have been looking at the Scadden raft's for summer fishing on low rivers. What made you buy the outlaw assult over a higher capacity raft?
  16. By "higher capacity" do you mean load carrying capacity?
  17. NFO rates the Assault at 800 lbs. weight carrying capacity. I'm about 200 lbs so that gives me 600 lbs. of cargo capacity, and I'll never come close to that, even on multi day floats, with careful planning & packing. I may not be able to haul a bunch of cast iron dutch ovens but I can surely haul all the camping/fishing necessities I will ever need.
  18. Having had mine pretty well loaded a couple of time. I'm not close to filling it with enough to make it lack in performance. I never really got to load my kodiak for a mulit day float. I'm sure it could handle it though. Both are great boats.
  19. That makes sense to me. I am thinking about buying one and I was just wondering if there is a control factor on the capacity of the raft based on how it sits in the water and tracks in the water. When you talked to Dave did that come up? Because if you think about it the lower weight capacity would sit lower in water thus track better.

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