Scadden Outlaw Assault

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by bitterroot, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. TheHunt

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    I was also thinking about using it for September Archery Elk hunting in Wyoming and Montana. I think it would be easy to float out an elk. I was also thinking doing the same in Alaska for a moose hunt.
  2. battleborn

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    So has anyone actually had one on the water? They look pretty cool.
  3. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Bitterroot, Rob Ast and I have them. Very nice boats. I prefer mine over my watermaster, so I sold the watermaster. Both are great boats. I'm happy with my decision.
  4. bitterroot

    bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

    Yep, I've had mine on the Yakima a few times. Again, I'm an inexperienced boater/floater but I really like it. Very responsive, very comfortable and I feel very secure in it. I know two other forum members that I'm sure would echo my sentiments. I did not like using fins, but that was just my lack of experience. The other guys I know use fins all day and rarely touch the oars. I'm very happy with it.
  5. fisharama

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    I don't own a Scadden boat, but judging from similar sized makes of boats, I think Dave Scadden grossly overestimates the capacity of his boats! I can't help but think he is the watercraft equavilant of a used car salesman!
  6. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Think what you want. Study numbers if you want. User known facts from this guy:
    Boat floats my 225# fat ass, all my excessive gear and keeps me well above the water line in class II to III stuff. Handles like a sports car in fast current with little effort on the sticks. Fin kicks great in moderate flows allowing great tracking and hands free to fish. I like mine. I've never met Dave, have chatted with him and his staff on the phone. I like the boat alot and sold a non rockered boat of similar size and design.
    I'm not Scadden apologist. I bought mine from hiim knowing I may have long delays or questions unanswerd. I'm glad I bought thisis boat.
  7. Builder

    Builder Member

    Hey Mr Mumbles, did you take your Assault down that little Idaho stream last month? Did you float/drag down from the airport?
  8. bitterroot

    bitterroot Love vintage graphite!

    See post #18. I don't care if he does overrate the capacity...I'll never come close anyway. More Scadden hate is all this is. I didn't buy the boat because I was in love with Dave Scadden any more than I bought my last used car because I was chubbed up by the car salesman.
  9. Brian Miller

    Brian Miller Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout

    fisharama doesn't speak kindly of BSI (Water Master) either...
  10. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Builder, our group brought two Scadden Assaults and three Watermaster Kodiaks for a possible wilderness float. Water was super clear, lower than our trip last year by a foot or more. We did not float. Maybe next time!
  11. Builder

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    Thanks Ed, I was curious how much log jam jumping you would have to do in there. I've been fishing some water that is a little bit smaller over here that flows through a private ranch but think the small raft would work.
  12. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    With a bit more water I would have felt just fine in that boat on Cayuse or Kelly. Not sure that tactically it would be any better to float down and fish, fishing on the move would have been very difficult. With the gin clear water and small pools and pockets an upstream approach is probably better than a downstream float. If floating, I'd float down a stretch, beach the boat and then work my way up. That would likely put some fish down though, my fat shadow and the boat passing overhead.
  13. Leigh

    Leigh PNW Angler

    Grats on a great Pontoon.

    I just talked with Dave and got a Catalog and DVD in the mail ("Dave Scadden's Hydrotherapy") I may pull the trigger on the Rampage for next year on the Skagit. I have a good pontoon but you can't hike with the one I have, to damn heavy.

    Good luck with your new Pontoon.