Scadden Outlaw Rampage -- It's Here!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Michael Nelson, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. My NFO / Dave Scadden Outlaw Rampage arrived this morning. I inflated it as far as I can with my crappy pump (Metro Magic Air) and it's probably at about 1/2 lb. I have an LVM pump, Kwik Gauge and K-Pump 200 on order, but they're not here yet. The thing is sitting 1/2 inflated in my hallway right now, sure looking forward to getting it on the water! I am also waiting for a set of Scadden's CF oars... the ones that come with the boat are serviceable, but the CF ones will be so much nicer.
  2. right on, I wish mine was back. I asked about the CF oars at the show and they have to take a normal pair and cut them down, guess they don't have any pull to get them the right size from the manufacturer? Have Fun.
  3. Although Dave Scadden told me on the phone when I ordered the oars that they'd ship out Wednesday or Thursday, when I finally got them to answer an email on Thursday they said they hadn't shipped, they don't have them, and they have been told "a day or two" by their supplier (Sawyer Paddles & Oars) for a couple weeks now.

    So, I wait. I do have the standard 6' aluminum oars which I'm sure will work, but I wish I had the 6 1/2 foot CF ones.

    BTW, I notice that the Water Strider boats have the exact same oar setup as the Outlaws, so both companies probably source them from the same supplier. I mean the standard setup that Scadden calls "Rack & Pinion".... (WTF? There is no rack and no pinion!). Even the Water Strider aluminum oars are the same as Scadden's standard ones.
  4. Here's the boat on its maiden voyage this morning. It all works great, I am very pleased with the boat!
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  5. BTW, I notice that the Water Strider boats have the exact same oar setup as the Outlaws, so both companies probably source them from the same supplier. I mean the standard setup that Scadden calls "Rack & Pinion".... (WTF? There is no rack and no pinion!). Even the Water Strider aluminum oars are the same as Scadden's standard ones.[/QUOTE]

    That is because they are both made by incept rafts in New Zealand.
  6. I met Dave Scadden this morning at the Pleasanton, CA Fly Fishing show. Very nice guy. He said he has a tracking number for the CF oars coming from Sawyer, and they should arrive Tuesday.

    Hope they can ship them right out to me.

    He had a pair of the new version of the oars on an Outlaw Challenger there at the show so I got a good look at them. The blades are very cool. They are asymmetrical, and have the bottom edge cut off at an angle. This makes them work better in shallow water, and helps the oarsman avoid that irritating "catch" with the bottom corner of a blade catching the water on the return stroke.

    They are also foam filled, and Dave says if you let go of the oars the blades will float the oar right up on the surface.
  7. Got a tracking number for the oars. They are in California today and I will have them Monday, just in time for my fishing trip next Thursday.
  8. Great pics, Michael. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks Bill.
  10. Hi Michael,

    I really enjoyed your pics! Curious... Did you intall the D-Ring as a precautionary measure to stop the Anchor Davit from rotating around the tube, or is there a known problem with that happening? Perhaps the manufacturer recommends it?
  11. NFO only publicizes the use of that Scotty Anchor Lock with the Outlaw Renegade. If you look at the Renegade, it already has a D-ring in the right location to keep it from rotating. The Rampage that I have does not. I could tell by tightening the straps thoroughly and then putting force on the Scotty thing that it was going to rotate, so I just went ahead and bought the D-ring patch from flyfishusa (because NFO dropped the ball when I asked them for one) and put it on.

    Now I am trying to get a couple more in the NFO red from NFO for the stripping apron. They had told me that apron works well with this boat, and yeah, it will if you put some D-rings where they need to be. Otherwise there is no support for the far end of the stripping basket. Putting on D-rings is not a trivial task, and it ain't cheap either. That one I put on cost $13, but the necessary adhesive costs $25 for a 4oz dinky can, and then you need a roller rasp, MEK, etc... pretty soon that $39.00 anchor thingy needs fifty bucks worth of D-ring to make it work right.

    I like the NFO boat, and some of the folks at NFO are very helpful (Derek in particular), but some of them will tell you whatever it takes to get the sale, like this stripping apron deal. I have many examples of this, both in my own experience and with friends.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Good info.

    I have a Water Master due to be delivered the end of this month. Your specific application does not directly relate to the Water Master, but the efforts to add accessories post purchase sure does. Nice having some folks out in front of me regarding this.
  13. You could definitely fish my boat or yours without making any mods. But for the places where *I* fish, the ability to anchor easily is important to me. Sure, I could just tie off the anchor to one of the D-rings, but that really makes anchoring and pulling it back up way more work than it should be. Same with the stripping apron... you can fish without one, and many people do. But I like to minimize the hassles of having line all tangled up in everything. Same with the rod holder... I already tried trolling without one, and it's super awkward.

    I go into this stuff fully expecting to add stuff to the boat to make it suit my needs. But vendors shouldn't represent that stuff works with a boat when in fact it takes $50 worth of parts to get the $30 item to work CORRECTLY. They ought to be more honest.

    From what I have seen, both Watermaster and Water Strider have much better thought-out lines of accessories that will likely work correctly and easily on those boats.

    NFO is much more of a "it will work if you can figure out a way to MAKE it work" kinda setup.
  14. (rant deleted)
  15. Michael,

    Where did you find D ring patches?

  16. Interesting. I had thought this was a "Made in USA" product, but I think you are right about the Incept thing. On the other hand, Incept appears to be a quality builder and they have a good reputation.

    It looks like North Fork Outdoors is the USA distributor Incept Marine (all the way at the bottom of the page):
  17. Well, NFO shipped the oars to my home address in spite of my having told them twice in emails to ship to my work address which I gave them twice.

    So I had to take a day off to meet the UPS guy this morning.

    Guess what?

    They sent the wrong oars. These are only 5'3" feet long, a 8" too short for my boat.

    NFO is an amazing company. :beathead: :beathead: :beathead:
  18. This may be hard to believe, but, I don't think NFO makes anything here in the US. They are rebrand other boats made overseas, or manufacture their boat in where most stuffs are made these days. :)

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