Scadden Outlaw Renegade-will I have to sleep on it in the Garage is the question?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Bob Nix, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. They said they got 20 in yesterday. Makes me wonder "in from where?". I thought they made them right there in Utah.
  2. You are going to love it. A few years ago I picked up a McKenzie Drifter for three (two sons). Then I got the model Scadden put out for one year before yours. Weighs about 20 pounds and fits in the trunk of most rental cars. Both are like sports cars. I am going to part with the McKenzie Drifter this year, but the Scadden boats are practical and a lot of fun. Sometimes Dave promotes his boats a little too much and does not pay attention to details. I had some problems with orders. Larry Tullis works there and can usually correct any ills if there is a problem and his attention to detail is great! Best of luck and if you are heading to the Yak let me know.
  3. They are definitely tiring to do business with. On two previous occasions I have been all ready to buy from them (once a Freestyle H3 and another time a Skykomish Sunrise) and both times I ended up bailing out due to the frustration of dealing with them. I am really hoping it goes smoothly this time. At least this time it has gotten far enough along that they now have my money. I haven't yet been able to get them to tell me when it will ship, although when I placed the order on the 17th they said I would receive it next week.

    We'll see.
  4. So much for the next week promise.

    I called them this morning, and they are out of the side pocket bags and the thing that goes across the front to rest your feet on, so they can't ship any boats until they receive those parts. Supposedly, that will be "maybe next Wednesday". I even offered to upgrade to the 10'6" Rampage, but they can't ship those either because they use the same parts.

    Starting to have that familiar feeling about NFO.
  5. The excitement never ends!

    Just got a call from Dave Scadden hisself. To make a long story short, I upgraded to the Rampage (1.5' longer, 4" wider, longer oars, dual air chamber pontoons instead of the single chamber ones on the Renegade), and Dave assured me that the parts are all there and they will ship out UPS today and will send me a tracking number.

    Got my fingers crossed!
  6. I'm still waiting, probably should have called them. You all know the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I'll call on Monday to see when it is on its way. All I need is a seat, pump and the red boat this time.
  7. I think it helps if you can talk to Dave. Nobody else there seems to care much, Dave wants to make stuff HAPPEN. Mine has been shipped according to UPS tracking number and should be here (San Francisco) this coming Tuesday.
  8. I've dealt with Dave, Larry and Derek. They are all extremely helpful. They have always bent over backwards to help in anyway possible, with products and questiions and sharing knowledge. Great company and Really Really nice guys.
  9. Sorry for hijacking the thread. Any more about my boat will go into a new thread. Hope you really enjoy yours when it arrives!
  10. I still have not seen mine from the initial order in January. Emailed and called with not response, they have the money as the credit card was charged! I'm half tempted to cancel the order all together! I'll let you know if I actually hear from them.
  11. The boat is in the garage with all the pieces now. I can't believe I didn't take it out, but the rivers called for steelhead one more time this season.
  12. Terrific! Glad you got it all. Have you set it up yet?
  13. Update? Have you set it up and fished it yet?
  14. WooHOO!!!!!!!!!! Took the boat to Lake Nunnally today. The boat is awesome. Caught 1 brown and a Tiger Trout. Both near 24" and man did that Brown have Shoulders. My buddy who knows what he is doing caught 8. Only a few peopole on the Lake.
  15. I hear that sporty red is bound to get you more speeding tickets :rolleyes:
  16. btw, nice boat and glad it worked out for you
  17. What a great way to get the skunk off the new boat! Congratulations! I am taking my Outlaw Renegade to Baum Lake this coming Thursday for 3 days of fishing. This will be its first real fishing trip too.
  18. I must have got your returned Blue, they are a great boat. Blue suits me just fine "Go Blue"
  19. One more day with the boat. Now I've set up the anchor. I think I need to figure out a second anchor for the chironomid fishing. Nice to be able to fold up the boat and fit it in the back of the car.
  20. I have the Scotty Anchor Lock for the bow, and it works great. I agree though, these boats desperately need a two anchor setup, I think because they are so light and ride high in the water that the slightest wind swings them about that bow anchor. I was thinking about getting another of the Scottys and mounting it way out on the left pontoon (as viewed from the seat).

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