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  1. for three years I've gone on my one week trip and each year I've had a different watercraft,

    the first year I went with my watermaster, which was a fine boat for one guy but I got left behind most of the trip by the guys I was with and did a lot more rowing then fishing,

    next year I got a scadden assault and put a frame on it...nice improvement but I wanted a frame on my toon and was going to cut out the floor but Scadden said send it back and ill give you an x5..

    this year I went up with it and I was incredibly impressed...light enough to heave up on top of two other toons at the end of the day...light on the water and super maneuverable...could pack what I wanted on it and had no issues with any spot on any river..including some very cool portaging etc. to get around a log jam..

    I know guys have slammed scadden on here and maybe it's not going down some class 5 rapids...but for what and where I fish this is a sweet boat and set up and I'm really happy with it..

    kl 054 (Large).jpg kl 059 (Large).jpg
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  2. The boat looks nice, but the last pic screams northwest fly fishing. (no matter where if actually is)
  3. Ah, jealousy coming on here.
  4. the X5 is a great boat for almost anything. i really love mine.
  5. That's a functional and comfortable looking setup. I'm sticking with my WM because of weight and bulk. Every choice requires some compromise.

  6. Are those the scott fly rod holders you are using? If so, what base mount are you using on it? I'd like to get a few for my Outlaw Outfitter.
  7. Those are scotts I believe...the base is a circular one that I bolted onto my frame...You know I don't know what model but they are online when I was looking for them..
  8. Is it me or is that one rod (the bait rod) photo-shopped in there? I know it is not a bait rod but the reel kinda looks like a saltwater casting reel.

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