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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by golfman65, Oct 10, 2012.

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    for three years I've gone on my one week trip and each year I've had a different watercraft,

    the first year I went with my watermaster, which was a fine boat for one guy but I got left behind most of the trip by the guys I was with and did a lot more rowing then fishing,

    next year I got a scadden assault and put a frame on it...nice improvement but I wanted a frame on my toon and was going to cut out the floor but Scadden said send it back and ill give you an x5..

    this year I went up with it and I was incredibly impressed...light enough to heave up on top of two other toons at the end of the day...light on the water and super maneuverable...could pack what I wanted on it and had no issues with any spot on any river..including some very cool portaging etc. to get around a log jam..

    I know guys have slammed scadden on here and maybe it's not going down some class 5 rapids...but for what and where I fish this is a sweet boat and set up and I'm really happy with it..

    kl 054 (Large).jpg kl 059 (Large).jpg
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  2. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    The boat looks nice, but the last pic screams northwest fly fishing. (no matter where if actually is)
  3. Bill Aubrey Active Member

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    Ah, jealousy coming on here.
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    the X5 is a great boat for almost anything. i really love mine.
  5. Salmo_g Active Member

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    That's a functional and comfortable looking setup. I'm sticking with my WM because of weight and bulk. Every choice requires some compromise.

  6. LyNcH Steelhead Junkie

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    Are those the scott fly rod holders you are using? If so, what base mount are you using on it? I'd like to get a few for my Outlaw Outfitter.
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    Those are scotts I believe...the base is a circular one that I bolted onto my frame...You know I don't know what model but they are online when I was looking for them..
  8. BDD Active Member

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    Is it me or is that one rod (the bait rod) photo-shopped in there? I know it is not a bait rod but the reel kinda looks like a saltwater casting reel.