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  1. I'm wanting to get my first pontoon boat and I think I've decided to make it a Dave Scadden pontoon. Most likely the X5. I've heard and read that he makes good deals at the shows around the NW and I'll be at the Portland one next month. I see that his website shows some Christmas specials right now and I was wondering if those specials would be better than the deals he might give at a sportsman show? Just trying to save a few bucks in my first endeavor into a pontoon. Any help from past experiences would help.....thanks all.
  2. I recommend you pick up the phone and call him if you are set on one of his boats. You never know what may become of that conversation.
  3. Thanks.
  4. He is running a special at the Denver ISE, that's all I can report.
  5. I have two Scadden boats, both bladderless, they are great boats. I would buy another in a heartbeat.
  6. Awesome boat, I have the x5 and really like it. Dave's work is impressive.
    I really like the ability to stand. Too bad non of his new boats have that option or would recommend a fameless one with an option to stand if need.

  7. I love the frameless one's too but I hear from everyone that the ability to stand and fish is something that I would want to have. Makes sense. Thanks for the info....I'll keep looking around and also talk with Dave about any specials.
  8. I was reading through this forum also looking for a pontoon. Here is some feedback I found on scadden.

    These guys kind of sound like they know what's going, all the fisherman push me towards scadden but all the rafters say No Way the fisherman don't know what they are talking about. I am confused now! Looking at the higher end stuff like catchercraft I saw here. I wish they had different tube colors though.

    Do any pontoon company's do custom colors??
    Thanks guys newbie here.
  9. You might want to check out these guys

    they are in your area. I also wouldn't be caught alive or dead in a scadden on my local rivers.
  10. Thanks much for the link Shawn. Wow those look awesome and color choices yay!
    I will give them a jingle in the morning.
  11. I love post #10 (mountain buzz) Wasn't he the guy that got banned, although he claims it was someone else?
    I guess there's a butt for every seat. Don't let the self proclaimed mb pros change your mind. Orvis has their bashers too.
  12. I've had a Scadden for 5 years and so do a bunch of guys I know. Nothing but praise for these boats all through the lineup.
  13. there were two outlaw X5's for sale by excaliber on 1/2/2012, on this forum
  14. I have ran class 4 plus in my North West Express without any problems, at least that is what they called it at the time. I would have rated it 4 at tops. Like the 4 lb fish that is really 3 and the 80 foot cast that is really 60 most things get exaggerated.
  15. I also wonder if the same person is posting here under a new name. Steve Sullivan is dead so it can't be him. Maybe new brand of troll.
  16. Yeah that.

    I bought a Skykomish Sunrise boat from Dave Scadden at the Portland show a few years ago. At the time, it had a suggested retail price of $1,600 I believe. Dave sold it to me for $1,000 at the show. I thought that was a pretty good deal.

    People are gonna have their opinions about everything. I've floated my boat on a lot of different rivers in the west, and I can say that I've have never been disappointed with my Scadden boat. I love the way it responds to the oar, I love its durability, and I love that I can pick it up over my head and walk a quarter mile... I'd highly recommend one!
  17. Thanks for the posts. A great help!
  18. Never used one, but Ive compared them side by side to my homemade frame(s) while on the river and my opinion this they are a little overpriced for what you get. Definitely some cool (and functional) designs though and the fact that most of them can be picked up and carried around is a good selling point for those needing a truly portable boat.

    The components and quality however just don't seem to be on par with a lot of the top brands. Most of the DS boats retail for nearly $2K which seems to be on the high end. I'm currently building a 12' 2 man cat for that price, using a lot of legit whitewater grade components.
  19. There is a guy here that made frames for Dave's Cardiac Pontoons. The frame was $800. Ouch!
    All I can add to this as far as how they are built, my brother had the Expadition 9' pontoon with aluminum frame.
    Strapped it to his Durango and headed down the highway. Boat came flying off the roof due to defect in the roof rack at
    68 mph. Bounced, slid, rolled, bounced somemore and finally stopped. Slight road rash on the skin, broke one of the plastic
    seat bolts and the plastic oar sleeve....that was it. Boat is still floating.
    I concidered NFO as the top brand, but maybe I am confused, what is the top end pontoons? And why?

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