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  1. I've never used any scadden products so I can't add anything there. I will say that their is no chance I drop that kind of coin on a craft whose origin is kept a secret even from company employees. That seems remarkably shady in my book.
  2. I love my outcast power drifters for lakes and small rivers. We have mod them up with real frames and a second front seat. Sweet boats. I am looking for a frameless boat that is less the 45 lbs so I can hike it into some remote small streams or keep in truck and power boat for some special spots. I have thought about alpacka and water master, I like the layout of saddens for extra gear for overnights.
  3. Shapp...

    You and I finally absolutely agree on something.=)

  4. The only thing I know for a fact, is that the "standard" oars are sourced from China...couldn't tell you about the rest of the boat.

  5. Just because a boat is made in asia doesn't make is bad, there are several decent chinese boat makes (AIRE's tributary and line, Rocky Mountain Rafts- both welded PVC, and at a lower level the glued PVC maxxon stuff) and many good Korean boats (Hyside, Downriver). Bad boats are made by using the cheapest materials and construction techniques available- glued, thin PVC with low denier (strength of the base fabric). good boats have deniers in the range of 900 to 2500. the thickness of the PVC/Hypalon/Urethane is in the 30-45 oz. per yard range. cheaper boats have deniers in the 300-500 range and thicknesses in the 5- 15oz range.

    For still water all this matters less because you are in deep water, with no current, but in moving water, you have momentum, and a constantly changing landscape, Rocks, and sharp objects don't care if you are in class I water they will still pop your boat. I learned this the hard way with my first boat, a creek company 2 man. ran in to a sharpish underwater rock on a class 2, that caught a seam and tore a tube. the single chamber deflated in seconds, and I lost a lot of gear (my favorite scott g series 884/3) and had to swim the 1/2 a boat to shore. the next season I bought a used 5 chambered 14' self bailing Hyside raft for $600 and built a frame for it, and have been using rafts ever since for my fishing. I have only done class 4 a few times the most I usually do is class 3. But the piece of mind when I have folks/kids/parents/wife on the boat is worth it for me.

    here is my two man fishing rig now- its a hyside 10 footer that weighs 50# with about 45# of frame on it. I bought the raft used for $800 on craigslist, and the frame on closeout for $350 and the oars from a buddy for $200. now I have a easily broken down light weight fishing boat that fits easily in the trunk of my jetta, and I can put together myself, carry easily, and has whitewater level construction and safety. while it does take some looking, I know of two rafts like this available on the used market for $700-900 right now.
  6. Those Mini-me Hysides are great little boats...and fun on whitewater too.
  7. Looking at NFO's show schedule, he'll be at the Washington Sportsman's Show Jan. 25- 29th. So I figure all you guys and Riverdrifter (change of name, same crap) here's your chance to tell him to start putting Made In China stickers on the boats since you know that they're built there. And riverdrifter, tell him to tell the Chinese to please wipe off the damn glue off the cheap Chinese cones.
  8. This is a great example as to why Dave's employees do not know or will not admit to knowing where Daves boats are made. It is the old "fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me" thing. This is Daves life and he is good at judging from many peoples resons.
    People STEAL his ideas please look at this Scadden boat designed back in 2000.
    He does admit SOME of the accessories are made in China, but has USA made choices.
    Been eleven years and ten NFO boats and I still can't find that glue you refer to RiverRat or RiverDrifter or River whatever, sorry.
  9. I'm missing the part where that helps his cause. In the article it states that it was manufactured by Aire, which owns Outcast who manufacturers the boat linked earlier. If Dave had an issue with a patent...he would've taken it up with them or written it into his contract.

    I don't see any stealing being done here.

  10. His design, maybe it was Patent ,lacking back then, again my old saying, it won't happen again and he is very careful about that. He used Aire back in the early days also.
  11. Blue,
    I'd be interested to hear why you have 10 nfo boats. Do you use them commercially for something? I would like to hear from someone who uses their scadden hard and hasn't had a problem. Unfortunately, my 2 buddies and I have had a really bad experience and haven't used the boats all that hard in the year we have owned them. Do you think we just got 3 lemons? If that was the case, you would think the scadden folks would like to help out. With all the things I broke on my boat and with my PVC cracking and leaking, I feel like I paid top dollar for a walmart quality product. I've called scadden a few times and I get really lame answers and no real help. He told my buudies and i all on seperate occasions that he hadnt heard of our problems before. Thats funny, he had heard them from at least 2 other people. One guy there told me I probably need new waders because the ones I have must have something sharp on them that is causing my PVC to crack. I'm pretty sure Simms isn't putting sharp objects in their waders. Nfo makes a product that looks good, the make it on the cheap with low quality materials and get u to pay top dollar and the tell lies and dodge you on the back end. It's a great way to make money but it's dishonest and immoral.
  12. sometimes, just because you thought of a design isn't enough to make your products successful. Kodak invented the digital camera, but still filed for bankruptcy yesterday because their choice to build cheap ass cameras couldn't compete with other digital camera manufacturers making quality stuff. to some extent, you can market that problem away, but in the long run, its the quality of your product and the service you provide that keeps folks coming back. Competition is what gives us as consumers better products at competitive prices -I don't see the harm in that unless you have an interest in Scadden Inc.

    If I remember correctly, I think Scadden was a pontoon designer at AIRE/Outcast before he struck out on his own. perhaps the intellectual property was shared to some degree. It would stand to reason that a fisherman (scadden) said "wouldn't it be cool if..." and AIRE made it happen and figured out all the engineering. Who owns the rights then?
  13. I'd love it if a reputable manufacturer would "steal" more of his ideas. Then we could all have well designed boats that don't fall apart.
  14. WFF Members,

    Both Dave Scadden and Aire/Outcast make their living by selling inflatable boats and accessories for fishermen and whitewater enthusiasts such as you. We choose not to post about pros and cons of competitors products but we did want to make a statement regarding the business relationship between Dave Scadden and Aire / Outcast that has been brought up in this thread.

    Aire had a business relationship with Dave Scadden that was terminated and the only people that know details of this relationship are Dave Scadden and the principals of Aire Inc.

    Public forms are a great way to find good information about rivers, companies and product reviews but some agendas can be hard to interpret. If you have questions regarding Aire or Outcast products please call us at 800-966-0976.

    Chris Callanan
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Aire Inc./Outcast Sporting Gear
  15. I too would distance myself from Dave Scadden.... If I could. I would feel so guilty selling this boat to someone that I would have to spend all my sundays in church instead of on the water.
  16. The following is a direct quote from NFO's website:

    Where We Are Made

    We at North Fork Outdoors go to great lengths to source as many components as possible for our product line here in the United States of America. Due to the fluctuating nature of our business, economic influence and pursuit of the most technically advanced components currently available we have found it necessary to import certain components from other countries for the manufacturing of some of our products. Of course we are vigilant about maintaining only the highest quality standards in doing so. We are proud of our American heritage and are excited to offer what we feel to be the finest quality and highest performance line of pontoon craft and accessories to our valued customers around the world and back our products with the best warranties and customer service in the industry.

    Unconditional Lifetime Warranty Policy

    We at North Fork Outdoors take great pride in offering what we feel to be the finest quality Pontoon Craft and accessories in the industry and back it with our exclusive unconditional lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. The warranty covers every component of our pontoon boats with the exception of oars*. In the highly unlikely event that you should encounter any manufacturers defect with any component of your boat you can ship the defective component back to the address listed below. Upon receipt of the item our highly trained staff will repair or replace as necessary and do so at our discretion based upon circumstances. We will then pay return shipping costs back to you. Should you encounter normal wear and tear or accidental damage to your pontoon boat or accessories you are welcome to ship the damaged component back and our staff will repair the damaged item for a nominal fee and ship it back at our wholesale UPS rate. Please provide full contact information with credit card information to expedite and complete this transaction. If you have an outdated model of boat or accessory and it is deemed unrepairable we will make available the closest current model for its replacement at a reasonable charge. Our staff will contact you to discuss this option in detail.

    * We offer the highest quality composite and aluminum oars in the industry. Because of the hazards associated with all paddle sports our oars are not included in our warranty. Should you break, bend or lose an oar or part of an oar we will make available the replacement or replacement part for a reasonable fee. Please call 1-801-392-5404 for exact replacement details and costs.
  17. I can appreciate that.=)

  18. Hmmmmm..... Also recently from NFO's website (No, not from Ripley's Believe It Or Not):


    Top 30 Reasons to buy a
    Dave Scadden Signature Series Pontoon Boat

    1. Patented Aqua-Lok sliding standing platform.

    2. Patented Aqua-Lok articulating lean bar system.

    3. Patented reciever hitch for quick deployment of our exclusive E-Z transport wheel system and straight track keel.

    4. E-Tec bladderless technology completely heat welded pontoons...the only ones in the industry.

    5. I-Tec pure urethane internal bladder technology heat welded pontoons. Finest bladder system pontoons in the industry.

    6. Genuine Alcoa 6061 T6 aluminum frames. The only ones in the industry.

    7. Exclusive Dave Scadden sliding seat system for infinite adjustability.

    8. Exclusive Dave Scadden thru-the-frame anchor system with genuine machined Delrin pulley wheels.

    9. Dave Scadden's X5 frame. The most portable, light weight, high performance frame in the industry.

    10. Dave Scadden's X6 frame. Hard core performance for big guys, big water and big fish.

    11. Stainless steel foot rests designed for anglers wearing studded wading shoes.

    12. Genuine diamond plate rear decks. Huge capacity yet super light weight. Largest capacity rear decks in the industry.

    13. Built in motor mounts, built right into every rear deck system.

    14. Contoured side pockets. The only side pocket in the industry that actually contour to your pontoons for a no slip perfect fit.

    15. Fully insulated side pockets that double as built-in ice chests for drinks and lunch.

    16. Easy access side pockets with double zipper entrance capability.

    17. Built in padded rod holders that securely hold two rods per side. Built right into our exclusive pockets.

    18. Six built in tippet dispensers. Dispense tippet quickly and easily.

    19. Pure naval bronze oar locks. Will not break like their cheap brass imitations. Genuine Teflon oar lock sleeves, smooth, durable and quiet.

    20. Genuine oar rights keep your oars in an upright position at all times.

    21. Premium 6061 Aluminum oars. Tough yet light weight.

    22. Hybrid high tech kayak paddle blades with composite shaft high performance oars. The toughest, lightest, most technolically advanced oars in the industry.

    23. Mini drift boat anchors hold you in the current, but are easy to retrieve.

    24. Exclusive chain anchors allow you to drift in full control.

    25. Finest padded seat system in the industry. Extreme comfort yet super light weight.

    26. Most technically advanced float tube on the market. Our patent pending Freestyle H3 float tube is the only Class II-III white water rated float tube on the planet. It exemplifies our commitment to cutting edge technology.

    27. Our new Freestyle H3 is the most portable white water grade pontoon boat in the industry. It fits into a piece of carry on luggage that fits in the overhead of a jet!

    28. Best warranties in the industry. Fifteen years on all I-Tec equipped boats and lifetime on E-Tec bladderless technology boats.

    29. Best customer service on the planet. Our customers come first. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.

    30. The most knowledgeable staff on earth. Dave Scadden heads up a team of the top professionals in the sport. Our design team consists of six of the most noted pros in the pontoon boat industry. Collectively our designers total well over 100 years of experience in building pontoon boats. Our production team totals over 42 dedicated staff members that take pride in their work and believe that quality is job number one. We ship our boats around the world to demanding customers who believe that made in the U.S.A. is the best there is.
  19. Wow-

    I had no idea Scadden invented and holds the patents on practically every advance in the whitewater/fishing community of the last 30 years! I take back all I said about him. Man I hope some other evil company doesn't come by and steal his concepts like Aluminum frames, Bladder-less welded construction, PVC shell and Urethane bladder construction, chain anchors etc. Hopefully Dave doesn't enforce his patents on standing and leaning while fishing, because I really like to do that too.

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