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  1. I just can't comprehend where you are coming from. Well I could take an inner tube down Blossom, but I might Die! Even with upgrades oars, now way would I take one of those down the wild and scenic rogue. We have a 14' selfbailer with salmon river type 4 bay frame, and 3 good oars that we got used for $1000 6 years ago, and it is still alive. Yeah boats of all types break, but in the last 10 years of rowing hard whitewater in regular full size standard whitwater/fishing rafts, I have broke 2 oar blades (1 sawyer and 1 carslisle). The real tragedy is that the boat designs are pretty interesting, just the lack of a decent frame, better materials on construction in the boat, and accessies.
  2. Some of the information copied and pasted from NFO's website is pretty comical and actually scary if people really believe it. Much of their "finest quality" in the industry is purely opinion. And some of the ..."only ones in the industry" comments are simply not true. I'm half minded to write a rebuttal but regardless, if that is how they want to run their business, who am I or anyone else to tell them what they should do.
  3. "30. The most knowledgeable staff on earth. Dave Scadden heads up a team of the top professionals in the sport. Our design team consists of six of the most noted pros in the pontoon boat industry. Collectively our designers total well over 100 years of experience in building pontoon boats. Our production team totals over 42 dedicated staff members that take pride in their work and believe that quality is job number one. We ship our boats around the world to demanding customers who believe that made in the U.S.A. is the best there is. "

    I'm not sure that a staff of people who don't even know where their boats are made would be classified as "the most knowledgeable staff on earth". But maybe that's just me.
  4. Well I am not in the industry, just a rower and fisherman, and their page is full of flat out baloney, for example:

    all but 3 boat are rated as "class V"

    Maybe your everyday run of the mill fisherman doesn't actually boat much in washington, seams like nearly all the people we fish with also run whitewater, but there seams to be a giant lack of understanding on this site as to what actual class III, IV, V rapids are. This is a run of the mill class IV+/V-, anyone want to take one of the outlaws down this, no matter what your skill or gear, you have a 50% chance of making it upright and hopefully alive.

    This is what IV+/V- actually looks like, you can't tell me that scadden has any ounce of cred or repectability rating his boats Class V capable

  5. Here's the White Salmon, and yes I know we ate down Husum but it was fun anyway. There is no way I'd take a Scadden down it.

    The biggest thing I've personally seen a Scadden boat run is Oak Springs on the D, and they skirted the big drop by going close to the island.
  6. I'll stick with 11' Sotar I bought off someone on this site. Full frame, webbed flooring, dry box/seat. Still had price stickers on oars and oarlocks..... $900. I'll keep my WM Kodiak also.

    There is a reason every 1 of these Scadden threads turn out the way they do. By far the worst customer service in the business.
  7. PT, didn't you read No. 29 on the list?

    BTW, very nice ride. I personally don't care for the color but for quality, it is easily argued that those are the best personal pontoons available anywhere. And the frame looks great too.
  8. Damn PT- Now that is a fishing cat. Have to admit, I'm drooling a bit on the keyboard. Just goes to show what $900 in educated hands can buy you. I can't imagine any folks not being able to see the difference between your boat and a scadden. Damn. just noticed your wood oars. more drool.

  9. Here is a guy running carver bridge on the clack a class 3 to 4 rapid in a waterskeeter. I stand by what I said earlier.
  10. You might not believe Reason #23 either: "Mini drift boat anchors hold you in the current, but are easy to retrieve."

    But here's the picture proof:

  11. I don't think Carver Bridge is much more than a big water 3, but I've ran 3's in that same Water Skeeter before as well.
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  12. Interesting thread..

    I have posted that I had problems with my scadden but a phone call..(when he is there) took care of the problem and I got more then I expected from him..
    I really like my x5...I had the rampage and put a frame on I would rather be up more and don't like oar locks like that...I was told when I bought mine to upgrade some things..(like oars) etc. and I am very happy with mine now!!!

    OK all that said...I'm a total chicken shit and have no problem with that Lol...I don't have or get the time to spend on the water to get better or more competant YET!!! I work for a living and am lucky to get one day a week out there....The time is coming when I will throw off this anchor and chain and hope to learn a lot more skills...but I will say this...that x5 worked a helluva lot better for me then my old WM...and that's not bashing them....but it was slow and didn't maneuver worth a damn with ME behind the oars...

    I am a fisherman and that's what I have the boat for...I watched the vids on here and on scaddens site and to an untrained eye like mine I didn't see a whole lot of difference guys...all I know is I've been through stuff that made my nuts shrink..and made it and it wasn't so bad on the other end..but that doesn't mean I looked forward to those stretches...ok a little bit but not a whole lot...

    BDD I like your stuff...when the time comes and I need something for big water and have the time to spend learning it...I am going to look you up...Nice looking equipment and a good price as well...really like that one man toon...

    I think what is being kind of missed in all of this is the person behind the oars is the most important part of the equipment...Knock on wood as I like my x5 and hope to use it for a long time as it fits my needs and transport...but it is also nice as a consumer to see some of the other stuff out there...You all may know about it but I guarantee there are more like me who didn't!!!

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  13. The vids that have been posted are hard to tell the difference because scaddens boats are smaller boats in smaller waves, and the white water shots are larger boats in larger waves. so the scale looks similar. plus the cat boaters in the vids are very skilled and "make it look easy" because no one eats it. here is a vid from seidels suckhole on the Arkansas. I paddled seidels this year in the mini and made it 2 outta 3 times at 2200,2500, and 2800 cfs. this is a lower class 4 in my book- a big wave but without the consequenses (deadly strainers, undercut rocks, and the nasty suck-you-to-the-bottom recirculating hydraulics) you see in Shapps vids. Shapps vids were serious whitewater that is sometimes tricky to grasp the severity, but if you swim at the wrong place there, its decent odds that your body is never found. I think he was trying to make the point that you don't want to have a oar or other critical part break there because you'll get stuffed under a rock.

    and here's is Gore Canyon. This is a legit Class V in case Mr. Scadden wants to know what he is telling his customers that his craft are capable of. these are the national competing raft teams at the gore race. You won't find me any where near this stuff in my boat or a Scadden. F&ck that. Although, there is great fishing in the flat water below the canyon.

  14. Gore is definitely a Class V. There is plenty of nasty water in Washington/Oregon/Idaho as well. White Salmon, Wind, Klickitat, Washougal, Illinois, Rogue, Lochsa, Payette, etc all have good raftable IV/V water.

    I would pass on taking one of those down any of those, and many "easier" runs.

    Let's be realistic though, most people buy them for stillwater or I/II kind of stuff.

  15. US law requires the Country of Origin be clearly labeled on products. Scadden may not have to tell anyone what factory makes his products but it is illegal not to label them properly. If Customs ever found out, he'd be in a world of hurt...
  16. IMHO..this is how you run a business.
    I have been looking at a variety of boats for over a year and when the time comes to pull the trigger Aire/Outcast will be at the top of my list.
  17. Just because components were 'sourced' in the US doesn't mean they were actually made here. Even if a product is really made in Bangladesh, if you bought it from a sales representative with an office in Los Angeles, you can legitimately state that it was 'Sourced in the US.' While that statement gives the impression that the product was made in the US, it doesn't necessarily make it so. Unless of course, that's what you want to believe.

  18. If this is true then this country is really deep shit. It took me a week and five phone messages to get the 'best customer service on the planet' to even call me back.

    Of course, there's probably no end of folks who believe this kind of hype, which Dave Scadden apparently understands and counts on. As HL Mencken accurately observed back in the 1930's, "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

  19. Freestone I have never thought of that but now I realize that all of the offshore made float tubes and pontoon boats that we buy from Outcast have a "certificate of origin" for marine vessels in the paper work that is included with the owners manual. It gives the country as well as the city where it is assembled/manufactured.

  20. My side bags and my seat has the made in China sticker, but those are accessories, the boat doesn't need them.

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