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  1. That's assuming that they're made in China. If they're made in the U.S. they don't have to say jack shit.
    Apparently some are assuming that they're made in China because a couple new posters ( counting one that's been banned from here and is now posting under a different name) say so, and because Bdd didn't get the answer he wanted when he called up NFO. Hey BDD, are your boats made in the USA?
  2. What was this thread about and where has it gone?
  3. Oh yeah, that was where it started. No request about running class IV+ to V. No restriction to made here, there, or anywhere. Just looking for a good deal. Not everyone interprets or defines a good deal the same way.
  4. Etwood, there is a reason that every one of these Scadden threads devolve into what they devolve into. I'll let the moderators moderate.
  7. You must have had Ms. Jakes in 3rd grade also.
  8. It was actually Sister Mary Ernestine. The one with the hickory pointer.

    Didn't help though.

  9. Davit, I'm not attempting to moderate. Threads degrade because people drift off on their own personal fuss fests and that perpetuates. The thread was opened for what appears to be different reasons. I don't give a rat's ass who's boat anyone buys. I really don't care. I just am not as impressed by the bash and slash approach. Clearly Dave Scadden's customer service is not what we've seen from other companies, myself included. We can keep bashing, or we can actually assist Tschu with some positive information about whatever company you prefer (Sotar).

    I don't know Scadden. I do have three of his boats. I have them becasue I want them for my fishing needs, not whitewater or hard core guide needs. I did not buy them relying on his customer service. I went in eyes wide open. His 14'9" pontoons are half as heavy, maybe even lighter, than my 14' maxxons. That is a good thing when you are one dude moving a boat around because your kids are too small to help you much. Lightweight has its benefits, and if getting on the water more with my girls are that benefit, I'm in.

    Clearly Scadden needs to hire better people. He'd benefit by better communicators, yourself perhaps? Hed benefit by more trustworthy staff that would not allegedly steal his ideas/designs, yourself perhaps?

    Regardless, I'd rather hear you sing the praises of Sotar than the slinging of Scadden. Anyone that's been here 20 minutes or can use the search function can find out that not all customer service related groups are the same.

    Bash on brother, if that is what makes you feel fine as frog's hair.
  10. Mojo,

    Our frames are 100% built in WA, USA. We use pontoons from China and USA. Our stripping baskets, aprons, straps, and some of the hardware is made in USA. Our floors are made in USA. If you want an ALL USA made pontoon boat, we can do that. In fact, we should have that particular model up soon.

    As far as my call to NFO, I didn't have any pre-determined answer that I was looking for or wanted...I was simply curious as to where the products are built, rather than rely on internet posts that may or may not be true.
  11. Etwood, go back and point out all the mud slinging I've done in this thread. If you can point out anything other than me saying their customer service is as bad as it gets, have at it. I posted 1 picture and said I like my WM. Dig into this as deep as you'd like. Write another novel if that makes you feel better.
  12. Ed, how 'bout you spout off on the direction the Hoh thread went, or the shooting in the national park, or the get a life thread because it definitely veered off path from the original post? Or, just re-read this thread and then try to moderate me again. I'll just click my heels together and hopefully me and Toto will be back in Kansas.
  13. Dave, there's no steelhead in Kansas.

  14. I know some do not want to believe it, and that is life, but I to do my research as we discussed earlier. I am just a satisfied customer (thanks PT) and I am only one telling you I know where the boats (frame and Pontoon) are made. As for the Accessories (bags, Seat, Oars) I am told you have your choice there as well. He has a wonderful seat made in New Mexico (note the NEW) but he tells me everyone prefers the China made due to price difference.
    If Dave wants to keep the origin of his product a secret from a receptionist or a packing/shipper, how is that bad?
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  16. You can't put a rating system on any craft. It's a dangerous marketing scheme.
  17. I believe we already talked about these three. It was a SPECIAL order. The gentleman wanted these, Dave provided these. That says nothing about the thousands, maybe millions he has sold. Why are you having such a hard time with this?
    There is an answer for everything you and your alias come up with but you ignore them. You wait awhile and repost that crap and guess what, same answers.
  18. Cool little boat
  19. One reason I enjoy this forum is the amazing civility of the regular posters, and their willingness to help. I can't even begin to thank Blue and Mojo enough for they time they've given me, prior to and after my purchase of my Scadden Renegade.

    I don't know if some of these "new" posters know how bad they look with their comments. I would guess some of them are competitors, or affiliated with competitors. Thumbs up to BDD for full disclosure and what seems to be a fair assessment of his products. I would do business with this man.

    I think I'm a typical Scadden purchaser. I have no interest in anything beyond Class II. I've done the whitewater kayaking and loved it, but with blown out rotator cuffs those days are over. I'm a fisherman now. If I wanted to do anything more than Class II, I'd certainly want a heavier duty boat.

    We just saw a video of a Water Skeeter navigating a Class IV rapid, and I'm pretty sure Scadden boats are a notch above, but who would buy a Scadden boat for the main purpose of running Class III+ - V rapids? Probably no one.

    I think the quality is pretty good for the money. $1000 for a fully equipped 9' frameless boat isn't a bad deal, and the resale is excellent. The front office is disorganized, but I think they mean well. I've met Scadden and he's a nice guy, albeit a bit of a promoter. His boats are well designed and a good value, IMO. I'd definitely buy another.

    There are a lot of good builders in the industry, and there are several niches. I think you compare Scadden to Outcast and Bucks, not to Sotar. Different uses, different buyer, different price points.

    Thanks again to those that add value to this great forum.

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