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  1. "Thanks again to those that add value to this great forum."

    And you, sir, just added a ton. Great post. Happy floating and fishing.
  2. Thank you so much LC. Thems some very nice words.
    I agree with you 98%iagree (you know the 2% thing). You put it very well, and no one assumed you work for NFO...BONUS! LOL

    Thanks again.
  3. LC,
    I share your sentiments. If I need to scratch the whitewater itch, I'll hire a guide. Did likewise after retirement when I considered the purchase of a blue water 42' off shore SV. After the initial cost, maintenance, storage, South Sea pirate problems, Canal and berth fees it was easier to charter a two week barefoot cruise. Itch satisfied.

    Being new to the world of pontoons, all the mud slinging makes an intelligent purchase all the more difficult. Personally I don't care who stole who's ideas, who's the most articulate speaker or self promoter, which boat is an overrated Class V craft, who keeps secrets from their employees, or whether the parts have labels of origin or not. I am interested in a pontoon craft that will support me, my Lab, fishing gear and snack, a battery and Motor Guide on still waters and slow rivers.

    The only single person Outcast that fits my needs appears to be the Power Drifter. Mr Scadden suggested his Rampage.

    Any thoughts from you or anyone else?

  4. Based on your desire to carry the lab and a motor, I would look at two. First, the Rampage. That is a bump up from my Renegade. Disadvantage is it weighs another #10 and is a little more cumbersome to portage. Advantage is room, and more room. Very nice, although the Rene is more than ample for my needs. The other, which is probably the best choice but a bump up in price is the Assault XX. Blue can speak to that one as an owner, but you have a Rampage sized boat that is enclosed with plenty of room and you can motor forward which you really can't in a Rampage as the inflatable seat gets flooded and it's just not comfortable or efficient. Going U-shape first is fine with me though, and if I get really lazy I can motor troll for an occasional break from kicking.

    I cannot speak to the Power Drifter, except it's framed vs. frameless, weights over twice as much as a Rampage or Assault XX while having much less capacity, and costs less than either. If portability is not a consideration, it would probably be fine, and Outcast quality is never a question.
  5. I answered the same. Rampage or the Assault XX. But must not of sent. Question, how do you attach a motor to that Outcast?

    I like the floor but I like having fin power more. The small moves, holding in the wind, lining up a cast, plus good exercise.
  6. The Outcast ($1400) has a zip out back panel that accommodates both anchor and motor.

    I too am not a fan of having a lap full of water although Mr Scadden suggested trolling the Rampage backwards which could be unkind to my 4 herniated discs and neck. I no longer use fins; 4 knee operations.
    Could only find specs on the Assault (8'6, 23#). What are the specs on the XX (length/weight/$$$) ?

    Thank you both
  7. The XX is 10' long. Same width of the Renegade. Like two renegades put face to face.

    Weight I am guessing when I say under 30 lbs. naked. It really is light. I will find out for sure though.
    It is two full seat areas, one for you and battery the other for your best bud.
  8. Do you think the Assault (8'6) would suit my needs or do you recommend the extra 1 1/2 feet for the Lab?
    If you suggest the XX, would you use a 40 or 55 pound trolling motor?
    My best bud, my spouse of 30 years, wants her own boat so it's either going to be a Assault/Assault or Assault/Assault XX combo.
  9. With the weather (wind) I have not had my Assault out. It is narrower than the Renegade and smaller diameter toons (13" as compared to 15" on Renegade)
    On my Renegade, I can haul my dog and he has a lot of room (Wiener dog) but with battery I really don't take him. I have but he is cramped.
    The thing I like about the XX is it is a one man boat and easy to carry, but add that front trunk or what ever and it is now a two man.
    We run 40 and a 45, the 36" shaft is the important part.
  10. I think he was asking about the weight of the boats ;)
  11. ,,,Duh, I'm like "whaaat?" he, he, he
  12. The NFO web site states that the XX is under 50#; perhaps 48 is close. I think I can handle that alone as I used to dead lift two 60#, 13'6 Hobies up to the Prius roof rack.Not any more, thank God.
    At the risk of appearing really DUH, are you implying that you run both motors at the same time?
    The shaft length was my last question, which you already answered.
  13. No one motor, but there is a thought, coming and going LOL. The site says boat and rolling duffle weigh under 50 lbs. I have the rolling duffle and I could weigh it but my Assault is in there, plus seat, oars, flippers ...LOL
    The Rampage is 38 lbs I am betting with the Assault being the same length it is around 38 lbs also (smaller diameter toons again)
    I will try to find out the weight for you.
  14. OK, then that eliminates the Rampage, or any pontoon. You can steer the 'toon with your fins pretty well, but without fins you'll be twisting around to the motor way too much. Looks like the Assault XX or the Power Drifter or a Watermaster, but we've learned from users that the Watermaster is not nearly as efficient as an Assault or Assault XX on stillwater. If you don't use fins, I think for $1400 the Power Drifter is attractive. I like that you can stand in it. The only concern would be the doubling of weight from the Assault XX. For that reason alone I'd spend the extra $400 but the weight may not matter as much to you.
  15. The weight is a major concern so I think an Assault XX for me and an Assault for the Mrs. Perhaps a 45# motor on the Assault XX and a 40# on her Assault. Both MotorGuide digitals.
    Do you guys favor a group 27 or group 24 battery?
  16. Blue will tell you Group 27. I stick with a 24. Why Motor Guide? If you have a reason, OK, but I think most people will prefer Minn Kota for reliability.
  17. West Marine is presently offering a Motor Guide VariMax 40#, 36" shaft for $192.99 w/ a $25 rebate. The Minn Kota 45# is $219.99 and has the lifetime warranty on it's composite shaft. I was trying to stay lightweight but perhaps the composite shaft model is worth the extra pounds. I have had Minn Kota in the past. No problem.
    I figured with the digital motor a Group 24 would be lighter and sufficient for day trips on still waters.
  18. You aren't comparing apples to apples. The MK at that price does not have variable speed control or a maximizer. That will run you about $329 at Bass Pro.

    I've never had anything Motor Guide, but I've heard they are not nearly as reliable as the MK. For that difference in price I'd want to hear some owner's opinions before I bought one. I have 3 MK motors, one over 20 years old, one over 15 and never, ever had any problems. The Maximizer feature is really important if you plan to use it all day. The variable speed is fantastic--I only have one with that and would not go back to fixed speeds for any price.

    I think the composite shaft can be very important. Last time I was out we were fishing for bass around rocks and I hit submerged rocks several times and the bottom too. You could see the shaft flex slightly and not a mark on it. If you don't go shallow it may not be important, but for an extra $100 I think the MK is probably the smartest buy. You can also buy a used Endura without those features off of CL and try it. If you don't like it, there is always a market for them.

    My 55# has a 42" shaft, and as Blue said you really don't want that if you can avoid it. 36" is better for the inflatable but the 42" is OK. You can always cut down a shaft but it's not a snap to do it. As to the weight, don't worry about it. You won't even see the waterline rise when you drop on the motor and battery. I think Group 24 is fine. I have yet to run mine down during the day.
  19. I did a log on usage since I last charged my Group 24 Walmart battery three weeks ago:

    Trip 1: On the water four hours on the pontoon with a 28# MK, no Maximizer. Motor was running 95% of the time, winds were 8-10 mpg.

    Trip 2: On the water six hours on the 12' skiff, 2 people, with a 55# MK w/ Maximizer. Motor was running 40% of the time mostly at low speeds. No wind.

    Trip 3: On the water 3 hours on the 12' skiff 2 people, 55# MK Maximizer. Motor was running 90% of the time and we were in some fairly strong current. We had to have the electric at least 50% of maximum to move upstream.

    Total about 9 hours usage over three weeks, plus inflating the pontoon several times, battery was at 63%. Keep in mind most of the usage was on a boat with two people and an outboard, not the pontoon. I'd say that was pretty good for one charge.
  20. I am interested in purchasing a pontoon like craft. I said 'pontoon like' because a Scadden Renegade or Escape is what I have in mind. I want a craft that is frameless and will fit in the back if my small pickup. Is there a web site with technical info on Scadden boats? If I Google Scadden I get hundreds of sites none of which seem to 'official'.

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