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  1. So I'll start this with I'm no expert...I'm just a weekend warrior who gets a week off a year if he's lucky..guess that's what happens when you work and a have a family..and I wouldn't have it any other way....So after last years debacle with my watermaster I got back, sold it and got a used scadden rampage thanks to a tip from a fellow member!!!
    I put a scadden frame on it...oar locks, rod holders, rear deck...and used it this year on my trip..

    What stands out? speed is much better, maneuverability is night and day...I fell in love with it my first day, fishing a tighter river and I had zero issues with getting around and through trouble spots..point the boat at it and row...your by it...on the big water rivers we was even better!!!

    I wasn't as fast as my two buds, but I was with them all day and not way behind...I gained experience with the boat and my appreciation grew as did my confidence....I didn't go looking for any big water, OK, I did a little bit...but I wasn't worried when it came or when I was day dreaming looking at the scenery and got in a bit of trouble...I was out of it with a few quick strokes..

    The platform works on this boat with the seat 3/4 can load it up and go on overnight trips easily....
    The faults of this set up's to heavy as is...Dave (scadden) said he would trade me for and X boat which if he does I'll do, but I won't hold my breath as, well, things just don't happen like he says sometimes....I met and fished with one of the owners of trout fitters in Kelowna..great guys, great shop and I'll deal with them on it....

    If not, I'm going to cut out the floor and figure a way to get the oar holders off or at least down...The oar holders hold your frame in on one side but popped on the other...had zero effect on the way the frame sat but I would like um either in or out....I think cutting the floor off would take some of the weight off as it was holding water as was...Lifting it up on the top of the truck each night took two guys and the weight was in the rear so I think taking the floor out will eliminate some of the water weight and cause less drag on the boat in the water as well..

    I saw some wm's on the water, left them bud saw one try and row into the tailout of his run to fish below him...he rowed and rowed hard...couldn't make it in....I remembered that feeling last year..Didn't have it this time around...I saw water, I was on it...came in either above the run or could stay out as not to disturb it and then jet in at the bottom....

    Overall I would rate this set up at an 7.5 out of ten...eliminating the floor would be an improvement for guys who like me are going to use the frame...buying one I would get the X and be done with it...super easy to pack in my fj cruiser...putting it up top I could do it by myself if the only boat...

    As an aside, I saw a guy in a vw camper with one of scaddens wm style boats on top..(Wa. plates) Pm me if you read this...I would like to know how you did and if you talked to the guys in the white tents at the campground you were at... they are buds of mine!!
  2. My question for you, why would you think NFO would trade you your setup for a new one?
    The Rampage is a frameless boat. You want a framed Outlaw, then you need an X5 if you want the 10'6" boat.
    It's the same style as the Rampage without the rear seating area. I don't know what frame you put on it, but the Rampage is 38 lb. And the X5 is 68 lb. 30 lb. difference. If you have the X5 frame with the standing platform putting it on a Rampage shouldn't be that much heavier.
    Sell the Rampage and find an X5.
  3. I got the rampage as is...I asked scadden if I could put a frame on it? He said "Yes" and sold me one..the rampage and X5 are identical except the rampage has the inflatable seat...If you took the frame and rear deck off the X5 how much would it weight?

    I had the rear deck and oar holders etc. dropped off by Nick from Trout fitters in kelowna. He is friends with the guys I was with and now mine as well..Really good guy and he owns an X5..they are identical except for color...

    I would do that to save the money of selling and re buying...and waiting..and waiting for it to show up...I have the boat...I just have to do some...refitting..
  4. enjoy and I wish you the best. Any reason you just did not try it without the frame first? Just curious.
  5. I had a long debate on which one to get, Didn't realize there was an X5 at the time...wanted the sky toon one...Dave said the Rampage would do circles around it...BUT...I wanted the ability to stand up in it to spot when he told me I could put a frame on it and do that I went with it..

    I didn't use the standing platform this time as the water was high and dirty...but will in the future...I want to get her out without to see what the weight difference is once she's cut and fixed...then with for clear water rivers..

  6. What did the frame cost you? Curious
  7. I just checked what my X5 'toon weighs. 23#, that's just the toon only. The Rampage is 38#. So seat,
    oar holders and locks, handles weigh around 15#. The X5 frame assembly (rear deck and standing
    platform inc.) should be about 45#. So, 45(frame)+38 (Rampage)= 83#. X5 is 65#.
    Take 10# off and not use the rear deck. Then you'll be about 73#. 8 more than an X5.
  8. I have the Renegade AND the X5. The Renegade is quicker and easier to row but that is because it is half the weight. I get you wanting to stand, that is why I bought the X5 although I find I rarely stand. The frame is going to make it heavier and more drag, plus the open bottom. The Rampage has three air chambers. The thing is like a cork. Very little of it is IN the water and because of that, it is much more responsive than the Renegade. You take a 300 lb man and put him in a Renegade and it might sink an inch or two. Put that same man on a Rampage it will sink very little. Like a feather on the water. I imagine you deflating that seat area you created a heck of a drag.
    If I were you and you already own the boat, next trip, leave the fame at home, I bet you will hold the lead with ease. Of course you will need oars with a hole in them.

    It is a cool concept trying to create two boats out of one. I don't see why Dave should trade you though, but good luck with that one.
  9. The Rampage has a stated weight capacity of 1300#. Why would a 45# frame make a bit of a difference in the handling?
  10. Are the floors and back deck wood? If so, take a 1.5" hole saw and cut out a bunch of the flooring and deck. You'll still have structural integrity but lose some of the weight.
  11. PT, no, they are Aluminum. Reading what he wrote, he is not inflating the floor. I am betting it is taking on water, plus the sitting higher maybe...wind drag????
    As for my case, again, the footprint on the water. You have a big U, then you add an inflateable floor making it even more buoyant. Smaller foot print. Heck, even a 50 lb battery makes a difference.

  12. Do you have ANY reports from actual owners of Scadden, or just the I hear and they look. You wanna know if they are glued, go look.
    Sorry, I am done with this one.
  13. Makes sense.
  14. Yeah I think your right on the seat drag..You guys/gals keep asking me why would Dave trade me? HE said he would, I asked about cutting the seat section out and he said, I'll trade you an X5 for yours so you don't cut it...Problem is it's hard to get a response back and so that's why I'm considering the cut job..

    Mojo, where do you think the extra 8#'s come from?, Could it be the floor and oar locks, holders? I just had them side by side and didn't see anything different...but am now quite curious? Material used different from boat to boat?

    Blue I fished out of the watermaster before this one...They are night and day differences...I love this boat...I don't want to sit in the water anymore though...Northern b.c. on a nice day water temp is 40* and sitting up higher I enjoy more...Yes, If I could start from the beginning I would have gotten the X5 or the Sky. sunrise...but this is the route I took so...

    Do either of you have any concerns about my cutting the floor out and any suggestions for removing the rear oar holders? The front ones I can live with but the rear ones I would like off or down..

  15. As far as weight difference, to ME I think it is the handles, Oar locks, the little clamps to secure the oars to the side of the boat, and the easy 8 lb difference. I know they use to have nice molded handles on the inside and a optional standing platform bar but the idea of making them fold up so compact he had to do away with the handles. There was a lean bar set up for frameless boats at one time, ask Dave about that, maybe.

    I would not cut the floor out. These boats are designed with that floor and it could ruin that design. The material on the X5 is totally different. Maybe there is a reason, I don't know.

    We get pretty cold here as well so I get the out of water desire. But I wear Hip waders on my Renegade and even ,y Escape when I had it. The bottom of the seat/floor area is way out of the water. I will admit, I am an inch or two higher with my X5, but we are talking a little more leg below the knee in the water. Only difference there is one is easier to move with just fins.
  16. Jesus, I didn't want to hear that...I want to chop it now and see what the difference is...

    I re read this and also think your dead on with the floor being partially inflated it was causing drag and taking on had to dump some at the was still a helluva lot faster and manueverd so much better then the WM I had that was minimal...I put the big yellow grateful dead oars on and that thing hummed...I did 9k down river at the end of the day...( I couldn't leave one spot as the fish were rolling and pecking) in just under an hour...I had that bad boy backwards and getting air on the open sections..was a blast!!!

    I'll talk to Scadden again and see about cutting it before I do...or see if I can make some deal with him....I only want to go with the frame from now on...I really like the set up I got...easy to pack up as well...just need to tweak it a bit...

    thanks for the info.
  17. If you cut out the floor you will NEVER be able to sell it. I would seriously look to swap it for the X5 and be done with it. I have been looking for an X5 myself but am not ready to shell out the bucks yet.

    I think Dave is willing to trade it out due to product liability issues if there is an accident involving death on one of his boats that has been modified.
  18. Once again I'm asking, why would a manufacturer ( of anything) trade someone that bought a used product from another party, sight unseen, for a brand new product? That's not what they're in business for. And as far as the subject of liability goes, as soon as a product is sold, it's beyond the manufacturers reach to make sure it's not been modified. As an adult, if someone wants to modify something, they should be able to if they have the balls to do it. And if something goes wrong, they (or their family) should except the consquences.
    I'm for him selling the Rampage and buying the X5 bladder. He's got everything else framewise. Or keep the Rampage since it's a complete boat and use it as it was meant to be used and eventually buy the X5 bladder.

  19. What part of this don't you understand?

    It's really none of your business or mine. And, it's really not a big deal. Hell, Dave might charge him a a bit in exchange, it could be a demo boat, or it could be a new boat. WHO CARES?

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