Scadden vs Outcast

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  1. I think it is the HD frame too.

  2. I see you are in Seattle. I'd be happy to meet you and show you one of our demo boats and even let you take it for a test row. You can meet us in person and ask us all the questions you can dream up. We'll give you honest feedback, without any sales pressure.
  3. PM sent......
  4. Good move. I met BDD at a FFF conclave. His boats are awesome, he is low key, and a standup guy. If I were in the market for a 'toon...
  5. BDD, I could do this in a PM but the transition has already been made. Who builds the Catchercraft pontoons?
  6. Slate Run, PM responded to, with pics of wheel boats.

    Brian, thanks for the words. If only I can convince my wife I'm a standup guy, maybe I can go back to the Skeena next week.

    PT, we have built frames for JPW, NRS, Hyside, RMR, Aire, Outcast, and a host of other inflatables but our main "models" pretty much incorporate Maxxon products, like Skookum, Bad Cat, and others.

    Golfman, hope you don't mind the thread re-direction. I pretty much agree with much of what has been said. If you are looking for a frameless boat, hard to beat the ingenuity of NFO but I have purchased some great products from Outcast as well. I have said it before, it is very good if you can find someone who has a like product that will let you try one out if you are unsure about models. Would you ever buy a vehicle without test driving it? If if was a screaming deal, then maybe you would and I understand a car is a much bigger investment than a pontoon boat but the idea still holds true. That is why we offer our products to be test rowed before the purchase. We'd rather have to try it out first and find out it does not suit your needs before buying it.
  7. I have had a Skadden Renegade for 2 years and love it, Last week I was floating down the upper Yakima with my fly fishing buddy who also has a Renegade. Following alongside us for 3 hours was a guy in an Outcast Commander. Here are things I noticed. With the Renegade you sit up higher, this isn't a perception, I saw my buddy in his Renegade side by side with the Commander. The Rennegade having the open front can maneuver on a dime, in rivers this can be important. Then the last best feature of the Renegade, having the open front end you can wade in the river in deep water without having any part of the inflated 'toon in front of you! That said I know that Mr. Skadden and his company has his downsides, My buddy dealt with the customer service and it was OK. I too struggled with the Skadden vs. Commander, i am pleased with my decision. If you want a good buy on any Skadden product, by it from Dave at the Outdoorsmen show or Fly-Fishing show. I saved $450 on the Renegade as did my buddy., Regarding the analogy of the coach and trick plays...can't say weaker teams resort to that. So a coach said it...that was his opinion since he couldn't think out of the box. The Seahawks are doing fine thank you!

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