Scent and Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by wet line, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. wet line New Member

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    Do you add scent to your steelhead flies?

  2. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    Oh yes! I find that Cougar urine is very helpful in keeping those pesky steelhead from tearing up my pretty little flies. :rofl:

    Dave, Dave, Dave... I will be watching you.

    Before we all go-off here, try to remember that Dave knows better.

    He's just baiting us in a stinky way here.

    We need some rain and some fish.
  3. 05tacoma Member

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    Personally, I'd wouldn't put scent on a fly or anything attached to my fly line. I just soak my wading shoe felts in shrimp oil and call it good :)
  4. Steve Buckner Mother Nature's Son

    Bob Triggs showed me a neat trick, he just uses 3 day old tunafish draws in the cougars...:p
  5. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I don't worry about catching fish. I have shark repellant on my waders and it keeps from from handling thoses slimy things.:rofl: :rofl:

  6. PT Physhicist

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    Always. ;)

    My fishing buddy doesn't have internet access, if he did I'd say never.:thumb:
  7. TomB Active Member

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    scent + fly = bait
    no scent + fly= fly

    I don't use bait when I fish with my flyrod.
  8. David Prutsman All men are equal before fish

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    Go big or go home, Clorox Bleach solves so many little fly fishing problems! Actually a true story, some yahoo up on the Poudre River in Colorado. He'd dump bleach in the river, then wade down stream to pick up the fish.
  9. ibn Moderator

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    When I started fly fishing I found a purple ESL in decent shape on the river. I picked it up and put it in my box with my other flies. When I got home I opened my box and it just reeeeeaked. I ended up throwing out the entire box and it's contents. Sniff those flies before you pick them up and add them to your collection!
  10. CaddisMadness Fly Fishing in Patagonia: A Trout Bum's Guide

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    My dad has been known to spray power bait scent on his fly when chironomid fishing (he's not a purist).
  11. Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

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    I found a bottle of shrimp Smelly Jelly on the bank of the Yakima almost two years ago. I forgot that I was still carring it around until one day last summer when the carp fishing was slowing down on a hot afternoon. In desperation, I tried a carp wooley soaked down in Smelly Jelly. It didn't seem to make any difference. I was surprised. I thought carp would definely home into scent. Maybe I need a different flavor.
  12. Davy Active Member

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    my fly boxes are so old and had so many you name it beverages spilled on 'em that in itself is probably adding all sorts of scents, and yes BobT, including Hostess Donettes
  13. chadk Be the guide...

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    Most of us fish with scent and don't realize it. Our natural scent from our oily hands comes off as we tie on our flies, moisten our knots with saliva, etc.

    Then there is the gas we got on our hands by filling up on the way to the river (bad idea), or the sunscreen, or the insect repellent, 7-11 burrito, cigarrette\cigar, etc.
  14. spanishfly Steelberg

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    I've heard that dog scent can deter a steelie from taking a fly. So if you take mans best friend fishing don't pet it. Unless it's been soaked in Pautzke's juice...:rofl:
  15. inland Active Member

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    Don't we all scent our successful flies with essence of steelhead?

  16. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    Wd 40 sprayed up and down the line and on the fly very liberaly is a great way to get those metal heads on the line. Its also sweet because the fish always take the fly really really deep, so you have to "let them eat it" but then you will never loose them. The wd40 puts out a sweet chum slick that oils up the whole river, you should try it sometime, great for the environment.
  17. Chris Allen Member

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    I've always wondered about inadvertant scents that I've put on my flies like sweat and natural body oils having some affect on the fishing. I've read studies that showed pacific salmon being able to detect morpholine at concentrations of 5x10^-5th mg per liter of water. I've also heard of instances of where salmon pile up at a wier, and some person simply dips their arm in the water just upstream and out of visual range, and the salmon freak out and high-tail it downstream.
  18. Davy Active Member

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    nuthin beats Elizabeth Taylors White Diamonds for those big Sauk bucks in early March :beer2:
  19. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    Going about as you expected Dave?

    Hows that broken leg coming along? :mad:
  20. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    Uh Oh...Steve has a day off. Yep, works great, as long as you dont tell your fishing buddy that the sandwiches are in HIS pack!