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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tony, Mar 5, 2006.

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    After watching those quys on the 4th do so well using the shock and awe I really wanted to try one, of course not one shop near me had either the cross eyed cones or tubes so after wandering around the house like a zombie mumbling to myself heres what I came up with, I found a spraybottle of eyeglass cleaner that had a 3/32" tube just long enough to make 2 flys, next I drilled out a 1/4" brass cone, I tried stickon eyes with the cone I really liked the look but the eyes wouldn't hold the curve tried superglue and ended up with the whole mess stuck to the end of my finger so I decided no eyes would be ok, I had no uv cystal flash but I did have herring back which I like the look of so thats what I used, I had everything else I needed and made up the fly it looked pretty good to me. Today I went out to give it a try, and may I say what a great fly I had a blast, I caught 4 really healthy fat searuns all about 15" I used a #8 hook which was too small for the fly the fish would miss the hook because of the body materials sometimes but they would hit the fly over and over before finally being hooked, I cast to one fish 4 or 5 times before catching it, the fly is that good, the fish just kept coming after it, and when hooked it seemed like the fish would take to the air more than they would with say a clouser, not sure why that would be just something I noticed, maybe its got something to do with the way weighted fly feels to the fish after the hook pulls free from the tube. All in all the day was a success, I can't wait to give the fly a try with salmon.
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    After reading your post, I figured that I should inform you that we had mistakenly been calling the fly we were using all day Shock 'N Awes.

    Dave had asked me earlier what the name of the fly was and I, not thinking, told him S & A. They are actually the foul free herring in the Tan. The S and A is a great pattern tho and both are worthy of a place in your box.

    Sorry for the mix up and enjoy the day!

    Dylan Rose
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    Anil should know, I think both the shock and awe and foul free herring are his patterns. ;)