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  1. Hey everyone
    I am a college student in Vermont, I was born and raised here and looking to get out of the state next year. I want to transfer to a school in the western U.S. I was hoping some of you could point me in the direction of some decent schools. I cant be somewhere where I wont have access to good trout water. I am pretty much asking if anyone knows of any schools that will give me access to good trout water while being close to a decent size city also. Any help is definately appreciated.
  2. There's Western Washington University (a small college with a big college flavor - sorta). They have a great teachers program and environmental science program. They also offer a "free school" approach - no the school isn't free but you can develop your own curriculm to some extent. And there's plenty of great fishing to be had, both salt and fresh.

    I learned to flyfish around Bennington, VT many, many years ago. It's a different environment out here. BIG WATER! BIG FISHY!

    Check out the schools in your college student services office as to curriculm, etc. Pretty near any school in the Northwest from Michigan to the West coast will have great fishing opportunities.

  3. Hi There,

    Good to see posts from fellow Green Mountain staters on this board. I grew up in the Burlington area, lived in Manchester for a while--then moved to Seattle a coupla years back.

    I'm not an expert on Washington schools, but I do know that Seattle is loaded with colleges. University of Washington in Seattle seems to have a stellar reputation across a wide range of fields.

    Keep in mind that some of the best fly fishing in the Pac. NW is for anadromous species. Think steelhead and salmon. It's a different game than trout--but certainly worth your time if you like big fish.

    You will find some great trout fishing in the area as well. The Deschutes in Oregon and desert lakes east of the Cascades pump out all kinds of heavy insect hatches and lunker trout.

    If you're really into the blue-ribbon trout rivers, investigate Montana. Bozeman and Missoula both have good Universities and access to some of the best fishing on the globe.

    Good luck and tight lines.
  4. Yes, Montana has some great schools and don't forget about the engineering school at Butte. They even have a flyfishing club. The rivers in the area are great!
  5. Yes, the Montana schools are great. Don't forget about the engineering school at Butte (my almamater). They even have a flyfishing club. A great place to learn and have a great time fishing.
  6. That's a tough question. Many private schools, but my experience has been with the state schools. My older son graduated from Western Washington University last June and my younger son just started up there a couple of week ago. There is fishing close by, in addition, Mount Baker is close for skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, cross country skiing. It is also a quick trip across the border, except cutoms is a pain right now. The older son loved it up in Bellingham, relatively small community, about an hour from either Seattle or downtown Vancouver, BC.

    I am partial to Western, over the U of W, because it is a smaller campus. The classes tend to be much smaller - especially for the required classes. It is also difficult, at times, to get into your major. They only have so many spots so you can waste time towards a major only to find that there is no room. Also, they just raised tuition at the U of W. Central Washington University in in the heart/close to great fishing, don't know much about the academics.

    Let us know if you need more info.
  7. I'm currently as student at Western Washington U. It is a very good school. It is a very modern campus with almost community college size classes. It is relatively close to both Vancouver and Seattle. As to the fly fishing I've caught over 21 salmon on my flyrod from the beach since Aug 21st, ranging in size from 4 pounds up to a monster 11 pound pink salmon. I can't say the fishing will always be like this, but this year has been great. As to trout you are close to British Columbia that has some of the best steelhead, trout, and salmon fishing in the world. Also, on the other side of the mountians the trout fishing is great. Hope this info helps. If you do decide to come to Western, e-mail me and we can go fishing.
  8. As a former UW student I spent many days fishing. Locally - there is beach fishing for salmon within 30 min to 1 1/2 hours of campus. September and October is best. Flyfishing for steelhead in the rivers is great - With several great rivers 1-2 hours away. River trout fishing is mostly the Yakima which is a 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours drive depending on where you fish it - and is best fished from a drift boat or raft. There is also great lake fishing throughout the state with the best lakes on the east side - 1-3 hours away.

    If I was picking a school in WA just for the fishing, I would agree with the previous post, WWU would be at the top of the list because of its proximity to Vancouver BC and local salmon fishing.

    Montana and Central Oregon schools should also be on your research list!
  9. You didn't mention your area of interest (other than fishing) in school. My oldest son graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula. Fished almost every day on the north end of the campus--Clark Fork River--and had the Bitteroot, Blackfoot and Rock Creek just minute away.Plus a good school for Forestry degrees. Also a lot of Nor easters in the area. He lived with a couple of guys from Vmont. My youngest son is a senior at Eastern Washington University just out of Spokane. A small school but excellent for those interested in a teaching degree. It was rated one of the best buys for colleges just recently. Around Spokane you have the Spokane River, Coeur d' Alene river, St. Joe and Kelly creek, Yakima, Steelhead fishing on the Snake/ Clearwater systems as well as Montana streams just a couple of hours away. Not to mention many lakes and smaller streams. Plus we have 4 seasons rather then 2,rain and construction, that the west side has. (just kidding guys). Bottom line ---the Northwest is the place to be if you want a great life, education and fishing. Tim
  10. Brendan

    the most important aspect of your search is your educational goals. If you can reach these goal at the University of Montana,which is located in Missoula, then that would be my choice. There are four excellent rivers with in the Missoulala area ,the Blackfoot, Bitterroot,Clark Fork,and Rock Creek. That is just a sample of the fishing opportunties in the Missoula area. Also Missoula is a very "cool" city of about 60,000 people. It has a very eclectic mixture of people from 60's hippies to real cowboys. Glacier Park and Flathead Lake are just north of Missoula,and there are some excellent lake fishing in the area. One thing: Montana is a huge state and it takes time to get to other cities,and you will freeze butt off in the winter. I know it gets cold in the Eastern part of the country, but nothing like it does on the plains. In Montana you will notice what appears to be an electrical cord in the grill of automoblies,that is to keep the engine block warm so your car will start in the morning. That is how cold it gets. Let us know what you decide and good luck in your future endeavors. P.S. if you decide on Missoula,let me know. I have two brothers that live there and have done alot of fishing around Missoula. I go there twice a year and I couls show you some fishing holes.
  11. About CWU academics- they are good. The music program is arguably the best in the state. My sister is now in the teaching program , and the sciences and law classes are there too, it has really grown in the last few years. And the Yakima river is less than 5 minutes away, as well as other rivers on the passes and surrounding valleys hope it helps - Trevor
  12. Western WA U Close (1/2 hour) to good steelhead and salmon fishing Cities Bellingham pop 50K, Vancouver BC Pop 1+ Million

    UW Close (3/4 hour)to good steelhead and salmon fishing.

    Central WA U Close to the Yakima (5 Minutes) really good trout fishing city Ellensburg pop 25-50K

    Eastern WA U close to really good trout fishing (15 min to 4 hours to Montana/idaho) Cities Spokane 100+K, Cheeny not sure of pop.

    WSU Close to good Trout, Salmon & steelhead (Snake river, Grand Ronde + Rivers in Idaho) City Pullman and Moscow Idaho pop?

    There are also good schools in Portland OR close to the Sandy, Deschuttes etc.

    My advice takea year off fish near all these schools and decide wher you want to go after that :)

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