Scientific Angelers Sharkskin

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Gobstopper, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Gobstopper New Member

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    Anyone have experience with this line? My local shop has the GPX taper on sale for $50.00. Im on a budget and in need of swinging line for my 7964.
  2. Preston Active Member

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    The Sharkskins are excellent lines; high-floating, they lift off the water easily. The textured surface reduces friction for long casts. The only problem I've ever encountered is that the texture is a bit abrasive and can wear away some skin while retrieving line. This is normally only a problem when making oft-repeated long casts and retrieves as when fishing the beaches. This problem is not limited to the Sharkskin lines and occurs when drying saltwater leaves salt crystals on the line. Tape or Stripee finger protectors are a good preventive measure.
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  3. ChaseBallard bushwhacker

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    I use a 6 WT SA Sharkskin line for nymphing and fishing streamers for trout as well as summer steelhead and pinks on smaller rivers. It's killer. Loads up quickly and lifts off the water faster and cleaner than any other line I've used. I'm definitely a fan.

    That being said, there are two downsides to the Sharkskin. The first is the noise. The texture makes a noticeable sound as it passes through the guides, particularly when strip retrieving. I don't notice it as much anymore, but I won't lie it can be annoying on a quiet morning. The second is that in my experience this line needs to be dressed or greased very regularly to keep the last 10 feet floating well, but that could be the result of me mostly using it with streamers.
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  4. Irafly Active Member

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    Funny thing is, the sound is one of the reasons I love the line.
  5. suckegg Active Member

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    Look for a new version of this line by spring.
  6. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Should be outlawed and stripped from the shelves. Get's my vote for both the noisiest and dirt collecting fly line on the market... I otherwise don't have any strong opinions about it.
  7. ChaseBallard bushwhacker

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    I'll admit when my fishing partners are hungover in the drift boat, it can be pretty fun