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  1. I just got one of these really cheap brand new. However I can not find any information about who made these reels for S/A's. Seems like good reviews on it but does anyone know the manufacturers details on this reel?
  2. The originals were made by Hardy, I believe.
  3. That's a big hunk of metal. I've got the 6/7 and 7/8 in the System 2. They've got a double caliper drag that can stop a horse....errr... excited pony.
  4. The early, mid, and some late models were all made in England. I've seen one or two of the last iteration that were marked made in China. I've never heard or found documentation that Hardy made them but it's possible. I've been fishing system2 10/11's and 12/13's since I got into spey casting in the mid 90's, they hold a lot of line and I've never had a problem with them. I'd also like to know what company made them for SA.
  5. Anyone know how much 30lb backing should be placed on this reel if I am putting airflow ridge line, and 525 max head on it?
  6. Take it to a fly shop and ask or have them load it for you.
  7. I think the reels made by hardy were the systems reels marked 5,6,7,etc. for the line weight they took. They are the same as the hardy marquis(click n pawl). The system 1 (click n pawl) and the system2 (caliper drag) you guys are talking about were made by Leeda or BFR (british fly reel) same company name change somewhere along the line. Orvis bought BFR and then SA had them made in china sometime after that. Daiwa also made some system1 reels marked made in japan but Ive never seen any system2 reels made by Daiwa. Like Steve said best to take it to a shop and have them fill it if you can. Even the smaller sizes hold alot of backing.
  8. I think if any of these reels could be confirmed to be made by hardy they would be selling for more money
  9. From what I understand they have a long good trackrecord so I'm happy
  10. I agree I have the 12/13 have been using it for awhile. These reels are bomb proof. Plus I like the look of the solid side plates.

    I use to own the 7/8 bought it brand new in the early 90s. I'm pretty sure the paperwork said they were manufactured by Hardy.

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  11. I could be wrong I did get my info off the internet.
  12. Recently, I've been switching to System II 1213's from other brands as my backup spey reels. The 1213 with perforations weighs 9.34 ounces and has loads of capacity and a strong drag.
  13. Just received it a day early. 200 yards of dacron and the rest fit perfectly, and balances my dually 7130 right where I want it. This will do me just fine.
  14. hey Danielocean, did you end up getting that black-faced marquis 2 off spey pages?
  15. No I didnt. It was just too beat up and a beat marguis is not worth over 200. I am just going to pick up one of the new ones.

  16. As long as the guts are good it doesn't matter how beat up it is...I've been around and around with clicker fly reels and Hardy just makes stuff that works. As long as the check is tight you are good to go for many years.

    Just think of all the mojo that reel must have on it!
  17. My old man always said. Something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. In my opinion. A beat up Marquis is not worth shit to me, and I do not want someone elses mojo. I want to develop my own.
    When I look at all this fly fishing gear and the prices these companies charge I wonder when they lost there fucken minds. I feel the same way when people are inflating the shit out of used gear that looks like a fucken truck ran over it.
    But yeah your definitely right about that thing being a tank.
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  18. good to know, thanks for the reply sir!
  19. I bought my 12/13 reel and spool for $30.00 at a garage sale a couple of years ago. I did not try to negotiate a lower price, Hopefully the cat is not out of the bag.....

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