scientific anglers system 2 12/13

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Danielocean, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Great reel indeed. However, I held a new Marquis Salmon #2 today and could not walk out the door without it. I guess I will just return the System 2 to Amazon. Unless any of you guys want it. .
  2. keep it, next impulse buy might be a rod it fits perfectly
  3. Fancy boy got himself a Hardy. Mark my words within 18 months it'll be tweed sport coats, quoting Sir Isaac Walton and sitting cross legged like a chick.
    He won't buy a twelve weight. He's ain't bout' dat salt-life, yo.
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  4. must it be used in the salt? yo
  5. Only reason you'd need a twelve in WA, the salt.
  6. im pretty sure it would balance a sage brownie out just fine and fit a ton of backing/long-belly/DT/300 yards of solar collector and skagit head/etc. if he is in to that kinda thing, this is on the "spey clave" after all good sir

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