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  1. Wondering if anyone has tried the Scierra MPA two-handers ?

    What is the action like on these rods ?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated !

  2. ba bump?? their two 6 piece spey's would sneak nicely with me on my travels:)

    12' 7/8
    13'3" 8/9
  3. Can't comment on the two handers, but I use their reels and single handed rods and think they are outstanding. I don't think you will go wrong(IMHO).
  4. Scierra pulled out of the US Market. I'm not sure if that means anything for Canada.
  5. Still being sold by Cabelas.
  6. I recently found out that Scierra pulled out of the US . Really hard to get any of the Spey rods now :(

    I purchased a 14'8'' 9/10 HMSvII before this news was announced and absolutely love the rod . I wanted to expand my quiver with another and decided on the 13' 8/9 HMSvII . No luck , but did happen to find a 13'7'' 9/10 ...... it should be here today :beer2:

  7. Cool, I've got the VII 14'3" 9/10 and some sh's including 2 travel sh MPA's enroute for now :beer2: Gonna be a little casting party.
  8. Hi Guys,
    Over the years i have tried out a few of there rods, quite nice but struggle with a heavy line.
    I like the lightness of the rods and the finish on them is pretty good too.
    One other thing, they made or had made for them a great range of clothing, i have had there waders for 4 yrs and never a problem, really good quality clothing that maybe never made it to the US.
    Will find out what the deal is.
  9. Got the new quiver additions and a few bonus touches! The 14.x 9/10 V2's a 6pc, only 30" total length of sections, extremely packable fine gun I'm ecstatic about. Got one short casting session in and quite enjoyed it, very surprised at the power on tap in this rod. Few other single handers were packables that I expected to be 3 or 4 piece and came in as 5 or 6. I'll be acquiring a few more.
  10. Hi, if you are ready to order them from europe, you can get every rod you like
  11. Hi Guys,
    First of all Happy New Year to everybody, I have over the last couple of weeks been looking through all the new catalogue's for 2009 and had a quick look through Svensen Sports at the Scierra section, they distribute for Scierra and here is the low down as far as i can see.
    Scierra no longer make the HMS or MPA series for Spey Rods, the only Spey rods they have are,
    Matuka 12ft 9in for a 8/9
    Matuka 14ft 1in for a 9/10

    Sweep fly rod 12ft 9in for a 9 wt
    Sweep fly rod 14ft 1 in for a 10wt
    No Others.
    They have loads more new trout rods but not much new in the way of reels, and those are the only Spey Rods .
    I think Scierra is working hard on the Trout Market and cutting back on the Spey side of things, they also as far as i can see have one new reel, called the core Series... i still like the XDP better and they still do those reels, they also have a sale on the CTC reel.
  12. Best wishes to all in 2009 !!

    Thanks for the info Gordan !! Very much appreciated indeed :thumb:

    I was hoping to get my hands on the 13' 8/9 HMSvII or MPA . However , during my search I've developed a definte fondness to the Guideline LPXe 4pc series !! I have the 12'6'' 7/8 already and looking into the 13' 8/9 .

  13. hi there, i still see the HM2 and MPA rods on their website... s. dot com but that's still 2008 on there...
    a bit of surfing gave me a link on:
    a HM2 10/11-4 for 200 euro
    a MPA 14'8" 9/10 for 500 euro
    a CTC 12'6" 8/9for 339 euro

    im sure there r more deals to be found...
  14. the scierra rods are all for scandynavian casting , th best of them is the mpa, then the hms ,hmsvII the sweep and the makuta are the chipest of the brand ,also you have the ferox with a super fast acction and the ctc for long distances, i´ve the HMSvII 13´7" and the ferox 14´1" , the HMs is one of the best rods that I´ve use and the ferox it´s perfect for shooting line agains the wind nothing can´t stop it!! I´ve use few times the mpa and its a kick ass rod!! i think that the scierra rods come for all type of anglers and the reels are really good !!

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