Scott S3S 8'8" 8 wt

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Pat Kiernan, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Hi does anyone know this rod? Ive been offered it in exchange for an item and cant find much info. I eould use it for sea bass fishing here in ireland. I use sage rods for sea rplxi in 7 and 9 and an xi2 in 8 all 9 foot. How woulf this compare would I be getting anything different? Thanks pat
  2. i have an older 8'8" 8wt scott that i love. i think its the heliply. i love the length, helps in the wind, landing fish, accuracy, faster casts to moving targets, etc. except for sinktips, i have no use for 9' rods. i think the reason that 9', and longer rods are so popular is they are more forgiving for nymphing, or for the hobbyist, or beginning caster.
  3. Thanks guys i had seen that 8 wt review but it was for a 9 foot rod I wonder would there be a difference with the shorter length? What do you think this particular rod would be worth? thanks pat
    ps hydrological the 7 wt rplxi I bought off you I absolutely love that rod and it does have great mojo !
  4. Hi Pat, fwiw, i have liked other 8'8" scotts across the board. they have made them in many different weights and series. kind of their signature length. i havent cast any of the s3s rods. but, for example, i loved the gseries 488 and 588, but not so much for the 9 footers. i wouldnt be surprised if the 888, was completely different than the 908.
    one 9' rod they did a great job on, was the sts, they are awesome, and probbly my favorite 9'ers ever, i have a 6 and an 8. they were 2 or 3pc rods. i dont know what the s3s rods usually go for, but awhile back i sold a 2pc 904 s3 for 200 bucks in great cond. my guess is 250 would be a fair deal. my only beef (a few years ago) is scotts turnaround time on repairs. if you get it, would love to know how you like it.
  5. Will let you know thanks for input mike tight lines
  6. i love the Scott for casting. it is a great rod and i would own one, but the thing i have with scott is on their warranties. almost everyone that i know that has broken a rod it has taken over 3 months to get it back. so i go Sage and Echo great rods and good on the warranty.
  7. I have this rod now in the classifieds looking to trade if anyone interested lovely rod but not for me best post

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