Scott/Sage/Orvis/Patagonia gear sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Mayfly Aviator, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Lot's of gear for sale:

    3) Orvis Silver Label 690-4 Tipflex in great condition. Comes with sock/tube/case carrying strap. SOLD

    6) Columbia Fly Fishing Vest. Good condition, padded collar and plenty of pockets. $20 OBO. SOLD

    7) Orvis (Brodin?) Net - Nice mesh, good looking wood body, and newish condition. SOLD

    11) Patagonia Breathable waders also size MD. These were used about 25 times or so. Still great condition. No known leaks. Not the newest version, 3-4 years old. SOLD

    I'm open to trades, wading jacket, or 7/8wt switch or spey setup. I priced the above at what I believe is fair, but I am open to your offers. Local pickup or I can ship. PM if you’re interested.


  2. PM sent.
  3. Prices lowered.
  4. Updated for pending sales...
  5. Price Drop
  6. PM'd on the boots
  7. Just saw this...I'd be interested in the Sage DE-790-2 if pending sale falls through.
  8. Bump for status update and lowered pricing. Thanks for looking, and make an offer. Nobody needs a pair of really awesome, durable waders with the absolute best warranty???
  9. Lowered prices and dropped SOLD items. I would like to get this stuff SOLD so I can buy other toys...make an offer if you're interested. Thanks again for looking.
  10. Sam, what size is the vest?
  11. It's a Medium, but it is made by Columbia so it's more like a large.
  12. PM'd you on the 7 weight, maybe the sandals, too.
  13. Bump. Uploaded pics.

    I recall someone wet wading up to their chest. Whoever you were, buy my waders.
  14. Bump. Reduced prices and removed sold items.
  15. i will take the net if available?
  16. Hi Sam, that was me but I probably have 8-9 pairs of waders at home in various states of usefulness (including 3 prs of Patagonias). I just didn't have any with me that day as I was on the way home from a business trip and didn't want to take the time to go home and get a pair. Most if the year I keep a extra pair of waders and boots in my car for such eventualities, but it was still wet wading weather when I left for this trip.

    Your Patagonia waders are a great price so somebody should jump on them - they are awesome waders. They would make a great primary or back-up pair.
  17. i sent you a pm about the Orvis 6wt. thanks, richard.m
  18. That's right Freestone. I remember now.

    Richard - you have a PM from me. I know that I missed your 24 hour response window since I was out fishing, but if your still interested in the 6 wt let me know.

    Updated status.
  19. Update - Only a 6 wt Orvis left. This would be a great nymph/hopper/SRC stick. Make offer!
  20. Sam...

    Sent a PM to you on the Silver Label...


    Steve Cole
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