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  1. Anyone know of a store to buy the rubber safety strap for the scotty fly rod holders?
  2. I would be surprised if the stores stock parts. I think you will have to contact Scotty to get the strap.

  3. I know Sportco in Fife has some parts. I bought an extra base and a half-step adaptor disc there. They may have the strap. I'd give them a call.
  4. Austin Kayak sells those parts too, but no one seems to have the safety straps. If someone does find a source, hopefully you will share. One note however, I have several Scotty rod holders, but the button that holds the strap is different on a couple.
  5. I'd call Scotty, they are very good with service.

    You might also try John's Sporting goods in Everett. He sells a ton of Scotty product and is an authorized repair center.
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  6. Have you tried cutting a strip of an old inner tube? I don't know if it would work well or not, but it might be worth a try and be very cheap. Cut a short slot for each "button" end, and leave a little extra tab at one end to give you a place to pull.
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  7. Or velcro.
  8. Try WalMart.
  9. Dont mean to hi-jack your thread but how do you guys like these rod holders ? I need something for my boat.
  10. Scotty will probably send it for free if you give them a call.
  11. They are wonderful and worth the money. I've had others.

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  12. Great Thanks!
  13. I am going to hijack this also, since I enjoyed my kayak so much last year I wanted to set it up with some rod holders (gears and fly) and other stuff. The fly rod holder seems a little oversized for a 5 wt with a small reel and I was curious if trolling with it if the holder beats up the rod or reel\reel seat at all? Just curious before I use it on expensive rod or something and beat up the wood. Thanks.
  14. Kcahill, the rod holder works well with trolling, it is easy on the rods.

    That thought reminds me of one of the best stillwater trips I have experienced. Several years ago a friend launched at Nunally in the spring. There was a couple in a drift boat nailing fish right and left on chiros. We had never done that well. With some help, they had us fishing 12 feet down, without quick release indicators, and hooking 16 inch fish and trying to land them on our 9 foot rods. Another guy was trolling the whole time and picking up occasional fish. Later I saw him trolling with his rod in a holder and moving fast on the oars. I thought "he can't catch fish that way, he is going too fast!" However, I noted him picking up some fish. When it was time to leave, I decided to throw out my fly and troll it back quickly. As I was oaring across the lake, I started thinking, "I wonder if I will notice if I get a hit." Just then a fish hit my fly, the rod bent sharply and the fish catapulted out of the water. I about sh@# my waders then. I was still shaking as I pulled in the fish from the adrenaline pumping through my system. Trolling with the oars has worked wonders for me multiple times since. And you need a good rod holder for that.


  15. Are you talking about Scotty rod holders? If so my experience with expensive rods/reels, I have used a Battenkill and a Penns Creek Bamboo with Hardy or CFO reels in these holders and regularly use Winston and H2. The cork grip is the main connection. The smooth plastic with rounded edges has never damaged any thing. I do use leashes with these rods however.
  16. It is a scotty I did not take that close of a look though as I was dragging everything out so I could pick up all the stainless hardware today to install it. It just looks pretty large and I wanted to make sure there weren't different size holders. I will probably glues some thin foam into the receiving portion though just to make sure.

    All the reviews I read nobody ever complains about them damaging anything though so like you said it should be fine!

  17. I have one 6 wt with a fighting butt that is snug and it is more a pain than an aid. Try taking rods in and out before you modify.
  18. I have made a couple out of a black bungee cord , the bungee is too thick , have to sand them down to the right thickness on the ends ,give a little extra to get a hold of, and drill a hole to fit the button, they work well. Can get the bungee's at an auto parts store, they are cheap.
  19. Oh, one tip if you don't know it already, be sure and mount the Scotty base so that you have to turn the rod holder 180 to lock it in. I found this out the hard way. Mounted mine and dropped the rod holder right in. Turned it slightly, but when I pulled my rod out, the holder came with it and I almost lost it.
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