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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Paul Huffman, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. As long as we're talking about weird materials, thought I'd share my story of the "electric tape chironomid". I was fishing Chopaka in the the early 80's, and saw this local guy in an old rowboat hooking fish after fish on a day when nobody else was doing well. I ran into him at the boat launch and he showed me his fly - black electrical tape wrapped around a #6 bait hook. No tail, rib, hackle, or even tying thread! He said, "I'm not a fly fisherman or a fly tier, but I saw the flies they were selling at the sporting goods store & figured I could do as well. I can't cast, so I just toss these out a ways & let them sit."

    Naturally I ran back to the car, found a roll of tape, stripped a few old flies and "tied" some. The next day the fish hammered them! When I got home, I searched the hardware stores for different colors of tape - found black to be the most effective. This guy had actually discovered chironomid fishing before it became so popular!

    Of course I now tie the same kind of chironomid patterns that everybody else uses. Sometimes I wonder.....

  2. Hi scroungers all,
    I'm on the list of those who look at things with a different use in mind. I've always had a side hobby of taxidermy, on a very amature basis. It's almost impossibe for me to drive by road kill without stopping. Fact, I saw a good size racoon late this afternoon. My wife bought me an old refer a long time ago that we used to keep outside the back door. She got tired of the frozen rats, moles, rabbits,etc. in our kitchen fridge.
    I heard a story once about a fly tier that lived up the Skagit or Stilly, not sure which. Tale has it that he would drive up river to his favorite fishing hole and every time he found road kill on the way there he would get out and spray white paint around the unfortunate critter. Then on the way back home he would pick up all the ones that didn't have the paint ring. He knew those were the fresh ones. Ha! Now where was that raccoon?
    :DUNNO Flyfisher Frank
  3. The Fred Meyer Christmas sale garlands have worked out well for streamer bodies. The crinkly mylar ones have these ¼ inch wide strides that are solid for about three inches then sliced into a ½ or ¾ in. section of 1/32 wide fringe. So I tie the fringe section in at the bend leaving a little tail, wrap the solid section forward to the eye and I have a muddler or streamer body. I have crinkly metallic brown, red, silver, and green.

    Maybe I should cut the garlands into 3-inch sections, bag them, and put them on the materials rack for $2.85 each.
  4. Let's see: a doe with a bucktail, posessing parts of wildlife without a proper license or tag, using feathers from birds that are illegal to kill, knowing that dead animals can cary parasites that can infest any quality materials you may own, and beleiving anything anyone at a hatchery tells you is true? WOW! And Just how many of you have gotten tying advice from a Fred Myer's? MG, I think you need to go over to Gary's Fly Shoppe and repent.

    "Support your local fly shop", Say It!
  6. and your point is?
  7. That's where I was going to put the repackaged bags for $2.85 - Gary's!
  8. Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    I've scrounged animal and bird parts for years. All my friends know I use feathers & fur. One time a friend brought me a full turkey tail and wings. I was about to leave for Chopaka for a week so I stuck it in a big plastic bag and put it by my tying desk.
    When I got back I was surprised to see the bottom of the bag crawling with maggots. Thought about trying to save them for whitefish fishing, but it was September and I thought they wouldn't last.
    I gingerly snipped all the tail feathers and canned the rest. :YUM
  9. Now, as the seasons change, big stuffed Easter Bunnies have appeared at Fred Meyer. They come in pink or blue craft fur like with sporadic sparkles of some kind of flashabou. I was going to pull out the scissors on my swiss army knife and take a little sample but I wasn't sure how that would look on the security cameras. They're 9.99 now, but if they go below half price after easter, I'm going to get on of the pink ones and skin him out for bone fish flies. Maybe I can cut some zonker strips out of him.

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