Scuds - Whats the trigger

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by jwg, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Any thoughts on what's key in a scud design?
    The shell back?
    wire ribbing?
    The bushy underside?

    I ask because store bought scuds have worked as well as any pattern I've tied myself, and better than most.
    I dont think the dense brush underneath looks realistic or creates the right overall shape. But they work.

    the white bead on chironomids makes a nice trigger.

    I'd really like to come up with a minimal scud with the right trigger or combination of triggers.

  2. Hi Jay, one "trigger" for scuds is to tie in some orange dubbing in the middle to represent a pregnant female egg sack. Sometimes the fish will key on these for additional protein.
  3. Probably why the hot bead flies work so well on a lot of the MT tailwaters.

  4. DSC04783crop.jpg So I tried a minimal pattern an orange bead once, but lacking segmentation or shell back. tied in the round, so to speak.

    Heres a picture, but the ones I fished were actually smaller.

    I got a hook up on the second try. but it was a fluke. could not get another bite all afternoon on that pattern but regular store bought scuds worked.

    So I am concluding I need some other features.
    Top differnt from bottom
    Tranparent shell back
    Back darker than bottom

    Not sure which features are most important. Hence the post.

  5. Thanks
    Good article

  6. reading the article, tying in the round without a shellback or segmentation is OK
    fuzzy impressionistic may be the key.
    So my use of ostrich herl, is probably too uniform and orderly.
    I did not know about the reasons for the orange color.


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