Sculpin patterns for searuns

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Mingo, Apr 16, 2005.

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    :ray1: But I just read an article on sculpins or maybe a book that discussed sculpins and their place as large trout food items. I am also sure, absolutly sure that I read that sculpins exist in the ocean as well. Yeah, I was suprised too. I guess there is like over four hundred different genres of sculpins and sea dwellers at that. I am sure you could find a good picture of one in a fish book of the puget sound or something or the other.
  2. I just bought some brown, olive, and golden brown dyed deer hair I'm thinking I can layer the different colors and spin and shape a flat wide sculpin type head Make a dubbed body, a little matching marabou for a tail, for some action, don't know if I'll use squirrle for a wing, or turkey, maybe try some with marabou Weighted or not? I'll tie some both ways, try em' out on a couple of beaches after work next week